Friday, September 04, 2009
Not Fair & Not Square

I'm so worried.
There are butterflies in my stomach.
I'm so scared about this.
Dear Allah, help me.
I just don't want to be alone.

Why must life has to be so complicated? I'm enjoying every moment of it (my life) until I heard the news. Seriously, life without my friends are not going to be easy. Think about us. You want to separate us? Oh my god, that is just so cruel. FYI, One month is long okay, without your friends by your side. PMR is just around the corner. I just don't think that separating us is a good way. Oh, come on! My life was just nice and fun before this. This one week is the best week ever. I mean, our friends from other class can join us study as well. And then I heard the news. Someone told me about it. And I can't stop talking nonsense after that. Now, I was worried and I can't concentrate on my studies. Help me!

Shoot. Just because of this, I'm crying. Dear Fatin, why so emo?



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