Thursday, December 31, 2009
Memories ;)

In 2009, I learned what is actually a true friendship.
In 2009, I make my parents proud by getting straight As in my PMR.
In 2009, I got both bad and good result.
In 2009, I rolled on the floor laughing my arse off with my girls.
In 2009, Someone bitched about me in her blog and I don't even care.
In 2009, I wrote a book.
In 2009, I just realised that I love Malaysia sdfm.
In 2009, For the first time ever, I went for a TV shooting.
In 2009, For a reason, I blushed like never before.
In 2009, I organized a surprise bithday party for the first time.
In 2009, I believe I've hurt someone.
In 2009, I have a guy best friend which I know I can rely on him.
In 2009, I spent 4 hours from 12am to 4am on the phone.
In 2009, I joined the Editorial Board.
In 2009, I spammed someone's chatbox just for the sake of my beloved one.
In 2009, I played tennis for the first time in the afternoon after school.
In 2009, I gained my first salary.
In 2009, I learned to drive.
In 2009, I saw my book on the bookstores rack and I'm happy.
In 2009, I've been bullied at school. ;)
In 2009. I realised that I CAN'T live without my family and friends.

Gah, so many memories aite? There are good ones and so do the bad ones. I know that I will miss 2009 so much. I just hope that 2010 will be better. So, let's give a warm welcome to 2010.




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