Wednesday, December 23, 2009
What Else?

Hello readers,
I found this on Google. I think it's cool. 'C' Grade students now get an 'A'. Hell yeah, it's hard to admit that the PMR Result will be out in 2 days. I repeat, 2 days. I can't hardly sleep this week when I think about it. There are butterflies in my stomach. My heart is beating like hell. Dup dap dup dap. I just hope that all our hardworks pay us back. Amin. Now, the only thing we can do is to pray. That's it!

Cakap pasal PMR, ni conversation aku, ayah, ibu, auntie.


Me : Ayah, Khamis ni macam mana?
Ayah : Pagi ayah hantar. Nanti ayah tunggu, along
ambik result. Ayah half day Khamis ni.
Me : Oh okay.
Ibu : Nak balik pukul berapa nanti?
Me : Idk. Tak tau lagi. Cikgu kata result after 10.
Ibu : It's either cepat ke lambat je. Kalau result bagus, mesti balik lambat punya sebab nak
celebrate dengan kawan. Kalau result cukup-cukup makan je, balik awal. Yelah, sebab tak dapat nak celebrate.
Aunt : Ada jugak some students yang nak balik lambat. Yelah, takut parents marah kalau result KO.
Me : (Speechless. Tak tau nak balas apa.)
Aunt : Kalau dapat 8A, belanja tau. Jangan lupa.
Ibu : Belanja semua orang. Baru berkat.

Okaaaayy. Then the phone rang. Alia called. Phew. Selamat. I mean, everyday pasal PMR. Orang dah lah nervous gila. Thanks Alia for saving me from the PMR talk. Alia and I talked about this Thursday lagi. Adoi. I am so excited to meet my girls but I am so nervous. Good luck girls (and boys). Good luck to all the PMR candidates. All the best. Just accept your result as they are.

Fatin Hanani Adnan.

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