Sunday, January 10, 2010
Midnight Summer

Hello readers,

It's two o'clock in the morning and I'm still here, sitting in front of my study table finishing my homeworks. Gina commented on my Facebook status, ' It's a Saturday night Fatin, let go of school work and chill (; ' . But I can't. I want to finish it all by tonight.

Cehhhh, buat notes Bio. (Pfft, bajet coz belajar bio kan? ;p ) Haha. Tapi seriously la, banyak kot notes for this chapter.

Nasihat untuk diri sendiri :
Dear fatin, stop complaining and just do it. Asyik complain je 24 jam.
Fatin :
Yela, yela. Nak buat la ni. Okay okay, ZIP.

Form 4 tak seindah yang aku imagine sebelum sebelum ni. Yes, Form 4 is not a honeymoon year. This year tak sama macam Form 3. Totally different. Form 3, pressure nak dekat PMR baru rasa 1 week before PMR. In fact, a week before PMR pun my girls and I gelak gila-gila dalam class macam tak ambik exam je. Nasib baik result okay. Hehe. But in form 4, masuk first day sekolah je, dah rasa lain macam. Pressure, tension, happy, freak semua ada. Complete combo set tau. Weirdo. Second day of school pulak, dah rasa macam nak head banging. (Haha, hiperbola semata-mata) Well, takdelah sampai macam tu, tapi, you know...

But, kita kena positive. I know and I'm sure, nanti lama-lama we'll get used to it. Don't worry.

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