Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Come Closer

Meet Nur Wafa Asyiqin, my childhood friend.

Hello readers,

The girl above is my childhood best friend, We used to stay in the same neighbourhood, which is in Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. Kami lost contact since Wafa pindah and dia tukar sekolah. Since then, memang terus tak dengar apa-apa cerita. We were maybe 8 years old that time, who can ever think of email address and telephone number. Kan kan?

So this morning, I logged in to my Formspring account. And suddenly there was a message, something like:

"fatin, ingat wafa lagi?"

I was stunned right in front of the computer. I swear I'm not lying. Seriously. That time, I knew it was her, my childhood best friend. Yelah, siapa lagi Wafa yang aku kenal, kan? I was stunned again for a few seconds, then barulah aku reply. Masa tulis tu, memang aku tersenyum sampai ke telinga. Wafa bagitau aku yang dia kenal Sabrini. Beta-ians, my friend knows Sab, our AJK Keceriaan kelas yang pindah ke MRSM TGB, Melaka. She is her classmates! What a small world!!!

Dear friend, what happened to you? You're so pretty. I nearly tak kenal you. Nasib baik ada iras-iras masa you kecik dulu. And I was like, whoa, double whoa. Thank God, you're in the same school as Sabrini. Kalau tak, sampai ke besar memang tak jumpa, lost contact macam tu je. And thanks for
searching for me on Formspring. :) I told my mum about you and she was shocked too. She asked me almost everything about you and I'm too hyper to answer. Gah, I miss you, lets meet.



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