Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Sweet Sixteen


First, meet Fayra Deena, my best friend. Happy Sweet 16 darla. Seriously, i miss you Fayra. You used to sit next to me when we were in Form 3. Ahhh, sweet memories. But now, you're in Alpha. :(

Do you still remember our memories in form 3, last year? On the same date as today, we become close with each other. I love you since we had our first heart to heart talk. Remember, that day which is on 10th March 2009, all of us cried. It was not because we were happy, but then all of us were so emotional when we first talked about our 'sucky' life. You cried. Alia, Atie, Nina and Leyya even cried too. Yeah, I cried also. But then, we can still smile after that because we know that we have each other to cry on. Ya Allah Fayra, I was so happy that time. I was so happy, to have you, as the one who sat next to me for one year. Thanks to it, I know you better.

Sayang, thanks for everything. Since the first time I know you, I know you can be a supportive friend. Yeah, I was right. Thanks for always being there for me everytime when I need you. Thanks again. I LOVE YOU.

Okay readers, this is Ain Nabila. She's a good friend of mine. Happy Birthday, dear.

Ain, we are not that close before this. But thanks to the PMR programme, we are closer than we used to be. Kan babe? Thanks a lot for trusting me to keep your secret.

Babe, enjoy your birthday okay? Don't let anyone ruins your Sweet Sixteen okay? Stay happy and stay the way you are. I just love your style. Hehehe. Stay in Alpha tau. HAHA. XOXO



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