Monday, April 05, 2010
Bless Me, Please

Hello readers,

Aku tak berniat nak cerita panjang lebar dalam entri kali ni. It's just a short entry because I don't feel like writing at all. My good mood is gone, thanks to everything.

a) Went to school this morning and guess what? My name was announced in the assembly and I was asked to wait at the Skylite with some other friends. Hmmm, you'll never believe this. Aku kena PAKSA masuk pertandingan pidato peringkat Wilayah. But before that, diorang nak buat tapisan peringkat sekolah dulu. Maksudnya, diorang nak tapis betul-betul siapa yang layak wakil sekolah. Jadi, aku dengan beberapa 'orang bertuah' yang lain, kena prepare text pidato untuk diuji pada minggu depan. MINGGU DEPAN. How cruel is that? Urgh, tak suka tak suka!

b) I'm annoyed with the 2 SOLIHIN students. I repeat, 2 Solihin. Not the boys but the girls. Stop being so annoying by mentioning his name whenever you see me. What is wrong with you girls? I don't even know you. Langsung tak kenal and the best part is, you're my junior. Hello? It's not that aku nak berlagak as a senior ke apa but this is my life. Weh, please stay away from me. Get a life juniors! Urgh, tak suka tak suka!

c) There's a stalker on my Formspring page. I mean, the real stalker. The best part is, dia tak stalk aku punya life tau. This particular stalker, stalks pasal besties aku punya life. Lagi-lagi Arif. This person macam desperate nak tau semua benda pasal Arif. =.=' Haha Arif, you're famous among the juniors. Don't ever deny that. Haha. Okay, back to the topic please. I think I'll delete my Formspring account soon. Tengok la dulu. If this stalking activites tak stop jugak, I'll delete it. Urgh, tak suka tak suka!

I'm sorry friends for being emo today. Tapi, takdelah emo sangat kan? Takde masa. Haha. But InsyaAllah, tomorrow, the real Fatin will be back. Just pray that I'm not lazy to update my blog tomorrow eh? :)

Lots of love,



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