Monday, August 09, 2010
Dia Kawan Baik Saya



Dear Cry Baby,
You're finally 16 today. Horaaaay for you because you can't join the Still 15 club dah. Haha. You're officially kicked out from the group since 0000 a.m. last night.

Dear You Who Have Many Nicknames,
Biah, Bihah, Bhah, Bahah, Mak Pah, Bihun, Mak Nab, dan lain-lain, thanks for being a great friend. Thanks for always being the innocent one. Thanks for being the one who 'kedutkan' me all the time. Thanks for being the most positive person in the clique. Thanks for standing up for me. This one is special, THANKS FOR SPOILING MY PRESENT BY DOING SOMETHING AGAINST THE PRESENT RULE. Haha, It's okay. I'm not mad because I love you. (But hey, I can read your mind, kan?)

Dear Best Friend,
I'm so lucky and that Allah send me someone like you and our friends in my life. I'm proud to say that I have a super duper good friend by my side and you're one of them. Awww, I love all of you; the girls and the guys.

Dear Cooke Mate,
Hello Cooke! Thanks to Cooke House, we started to talk to each other. Since then, we've known each other but we're not that close. Thanks to 2010, each and everyone of us are more closer and I know that the bond is getting stronger day by day.

It's your birthday today, sister! Don't cry anymore kay? Like I said in the letter, if your watch is 'missing' again, call me on the spot and I'll buy you a new one. Alright darling?

Just so you know, Saya Sayang Awak.




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