Monday, August 02, 2010
Exhausted, Yes I am.

Hey, hey, hey Apple. Hey Apple.

Okay I should stop with the Annoying Orange. Thanks friends for making me falling in love with the really-super-duper Annoying Orange. And thanks Min for calling me just like the way the Orange called the Apple. Haha.

Hello readers,

How are you? Yeah, it's Monday today. Argh I hate Mondays more than words. We have all our Science subjects on Monday and it's killing me inside and outside. Physics, Chemist and Bio semua dalam satu hari. Boleh pecah kepala. Monday Blues kan?

I'm extra tired today. I've a lot of things to settle. I've a lot of new things to learn. I've a lot to write. I've a lot to complain. I've a lot more things that should be done by this week. Arggh, can you feel the pressure? At first I thought it was just me feeling emo and feeling more stressed out than ever. But actually, the people around me fell exactly the same thing and I'm not the only one yang stress tak menentu.

Art Society's Farewell Party is tomorrow! There are still lots of things to settle since Nina and I are the only person incharged. Handling something is not that easy. The problem comes and go but one thing for sure, if you manage to control it, the satisfaction feeling is the greatest feeling ever. Alhamdulillah, Nina and I manage to settle the problem with food and some other important stuffs. Now, there are still several things to be done but I think, by tomorrow everything should be okay. InsyaAllah.

I hardly write anything in 2010. Seriously, manuscript pun biar tak bergerak. Dulu bukan main, siap tetapkan tarikh nak siapkan manscript bila. Now, semua tu jadi mimpi je la. Nak tulis satu ayat pun ambik masa yang lama. Dulu kalau bukak computer je, confirm nak tulis sampai sepuluh pages in a day pun boleh. But now, what happened? 2010 is such a busy year for me.

Okay, I'm off to bed right now. This terrible headache is killing me. It makes me suffer since 1 o'clock in the afternoon and now I can't think of anything except for writing. Yes, it makes me feel good again.




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