Thursday, October 07, 2010
Another Great One

Hey people, today is 7th of October. Yeah, it is someone's birthday!

Ayah - Adnan Mohammad
Ayah, Happy 45th Birthday! We'll celebrate your birthday tomorrow together with Hazira's birthday okay? I love you so much dadday! You're always there for me every single time when I need you. I know something you think I don't. Well, okay I'll say it out loud, here. Sometimes you are mad because I keep troubling you and ibu but you never complain. Well, you do complain but not to me. Betul kan? Haha. When you are with me, you will try your best not to show me your anger. I love that thing about you the most, Ayah. Haaa, another thing I love about you is when you wake me up during weekends for breakfast. Haha. You'll use the same dialog over and over again. And of course, I've pinned the dialog in my brain. If we have nothing to eat for dinner, you'll cook your scrumptious curry flavor Maggie for us. The Maggie is the normal Maggie which you can find in 7 Eleven but when you start cooking it with your secret recipe ingredients, the taste will be totally different! You make me craving for the Maggie while I'm writing this. I might love the food that you cook, but I love you more, Ayah. May Allah bless our family members :)

You know who you are, Naza! - Nazatul Ashiba
BABE! Happayy Sweet Sixteen. Sorry I can't make it to your surprise birthday party just now. You know why kan? Hope you have a blast on your birthday. We're not that close before. If it's not because of 4 Beta 2010, I think I might just know you by your name. I'm lucky to have known a person like you in my life. You're loud, you're hyper, you're super hot, you laugh a lot, you're funny. The personalities you have in you make me want to know you more and from not that close relationship, we're now a good friend. A very very very good friend indeed. You give honest comment, that's the best thing about you. Although sometimes the comment is direct to someone's face, I think that's better, much better than bullshitting behind their back. I love you for that, Naza. Thanks for 'polluting' my mind. Haha. Remember the conversation about the BK thingy? Hahahahaha, lawak gila. I laughed a lot that day. From the very beginning sampailah habis. Kalau aku dah gelak macam orang nak tercabut anak tekak, korang macam mana lagi kan? Habis satu Beta dengar suara kita je. Haha. So I guess I write too much already. Start pukul 11.30pm tadi and sampai sekarang tak habis lagi. It's already ten minutes past twelve and I need sleep for school, tomorrow. I love you, Naza.

Night, people :)



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