Wednesday, October 06, 2010
how life is supposed to be

Hello readers,

It has been a long time since the last time I wrote my journal huh? Nothing much, just that Finals is in 2 weeks. Dayyumn!

Hey, it's PMR week. This is late but I want to wish all the best and good luck to the PMR candidates. There you are, you have just another week before total freedom. Yeeha. Awwh, how I wish I could turn back time. Life after PMR was awesome. Yeaaah it was a-may-zzzing, tau tak? You have nothing to be worried about after this whole thing ends. One thing for sure, you'll find that school is kinda cool because you'll watch movies with your friends, I mean your big happy family in school.

Life in form 4 is .... I just can't find the right word. Hard. I think. It's not the time to play around anymore, trust me. It is the time to ...... , okay, just forget it.

So today, I burst into tears because of Add Maths. Uhhuh? I gave up on the question. Can you imagine when people around you are all geniuses, and you're the only one in the middle, struggling to find the way out. Woooh, I just hate that feeling. I keep on trying to answer the question and I failed. Again and again. I pushed my calculator away and I do nothing else. I stared blankly at the question and it's raining down my cheeks suddenly. Lizzie saw me and thanks to her, I'm feeling better.

That's what happened in class today. So I guess, this is an emo entry lah kan?

Finals is just around the corner. Fatin, pergi study. Sekarang. Yeah, when I say now, it must be now. Pergilah cepat!




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