Saturday, December 11, 2010
call my name, please?

I remember exactly the moment when I first saw you,
I remember the feeling when our eyes first met,
I remember exactly the way you look at me,
With that smile and the blushing face,
I remember looking back at you,
With no words left to be said.

The time with you has just been short,
Short but full with the colours of rainbows, stars and moon,
I was away and hoping to see you again really soon,
And I see you again, that late afternoon.
We had the chance to meet again,
Do you know how happy I was to see you after nights and days?

Time passes without even we realize,
The older we get, the more strange we are,
I'm hoping to go back; to the precious time,
But I just can't,
Because it's the reality of life.



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