Thursday, December 02, 2010
mark my words

Hello readers,

It's December already. I still can't believe the fact that 2010 will end in another 30 days. Wow. Okay. Cepatnya. Time really flies right?

How's Langkawi? My best friends asked me that. Langkawi is just fine. Nothing much. I do nothing else here except for onlining and of course, chit chatting with my favourite aunt. Not forgetting, the Internet connection is so slow and sometimes I gave up on Internet. Seriously, that's what happened to me. I haven't visit any historical place here yet. Well, of course I'm waiting for ibu and ayah to get here first. Memang tak ah nak travel without them kan?

Lets talk about sleep. Masa tidur aku cuti-cuti ni memang messed up habis. Sometimes tak tidur sampai pagi. Sometimes aku hanya akan tidur kalau jam dah pukul 4 pagi. Sometimes tidur awal. Sometimes pukul 2. Bergantung lah sebenarnya. Depends on tahap mengantuk mata saya, ahakz. LOL, what happened to me? Ahakz? Hahahahahaha.

I think I shall make this entry short and sweet. The main point of writing this entry is to list down my December wishes actually. So, here it goes.

Fatin's December Wishes
1. I have to finish my manuscript by this month. [This is a MUST]
2. I have to start studying for SPM. [Errrr, THIS IS A MUST TOO!]
3. I have to finish my Ed Board assignment.
4. I have to be more strict with those people who doesn't know how to appreciate things and be rude.
5. I have to learn to say 'NO' to something I hate.

That's it for now. I'll update more later. Take care and don't forget to enjoy your holidays! Live your life to the fullest.

PS; Whatever it is, don't let anyone step on your head.



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