Saturday, December 25, 2010
One Nation, One Malaysia.

If you're ashamed to stand by your colours,
then you better seek for another flag! -Ultras Malaya

Hello everyone,

I believe that this will be just a quick update since I'm too exhausted. My entire family members are going to the Bukit Jalil stadium tomorrow to support our national team. Call me fanatic, call me whatever you like but I'm still going to watch our national team match against Indonesia live. I'm going to stand as a proud Malaysian no matter what happen tomorrow; either we win or lose. I'll bring the Jalur Gemilang with me. See, siapa kata remaja sekarang dah hilang semangat patriotik? Definitely not me.

Arif, Azura, Syazlina, Amsyar & for those who will be at the stadium tomorrow, hope to SEE YOU GUYS THERE! :)

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