Monday, December 27, 2010
Malaysian United

Alhamdulillah, Malaysia won 3-0 against Indonesia for the 1st Leg of the final match of AFF Suzuki Cup. I was happy and grateful as well. I'm proud to be there at Bukit Jalil, to support our national squad and to watch the match live. Our football players did a good job; defending, attacking etc. and, WE.DESERVED.TO.WIN.THIS. Enough said.

Oh pasal laser. Jangan salah faham. Yes, ada antara supporters Malaysia yang gunakan laser semasa perlawanan berlangsung. I can't deny that because it's a fact. Tapi saya ingin menekankan di sini bahawa goal-goal yang dijaringkan tidak ada kena mengena langsung dengan laser yang dipancarkan. Our Malaysian supporters guna laser tu before the first goal. Masa first half to be exact. Kalau nak cakap yang Indonesia kalah sebab laser, I don't know what else to say. For sure, it's a total lie. I was there and ramai lagi yang ada dekat sana. Our supporters guna laser before the goal okay? Let me repeat once again, BEFORE. And yeah, aku sendiri tak faham kenapa trending topic dekat Twitter macam-macam ada. Semuanya ada sentimen untuk menjatuhkan Malaysia. #malaysiacheatlaser la, hate malaysia la, macam-macam lah. Baca benda-benda tu malam tadi, I was actually mad. I tried my best to control my anger and I did it, syukur Alhamdulillah. Oh and did I tell you that I actually have this patriotic side in me? :P

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PS; Let the pictures describe the madness. I was shouting and cheering for Malaysia non stop from the very beginning. Daripada masuk stadium, sampai keluar masa nak balik. It was EPIC and of course AWESOME. Btw, Ultras Malaya terbaik!

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