Wednesday, January 12, 2011
12th Note - Painkiller

I don't really have time to blog nowadays. Sorry blog peeps. Banyak sangat assignments and homeworks to be done. Urgh, it's just the second week of school and I have this feeling in me already. Why why why? 2011 is my final year in high school and I guess it should be tough, right? It is. Today is 12th of January and why do I have this feeling like it is September? Oh I just want SPM to be over.

3rd Jan (1st day of school)
Nothing much. My best friends and I had this 'jejak kasih' moment. The whole day was spent with gossips. 5 Sc. Beta. Yeah, that's my class. Puan Angela is our class teacher for this year. I nominated Fayra as the class president and she was mad at me for that. Haha, sorry darling. Arif was selected as the Vice. Thumbs up. My best friends are ruling the class for our final year. What else is more awesome than that?

4th Jan
AGM (Mesyuarat Agung) for Club and Societies. Again, this year, I choose to stay in the Art Club. It has been 5 years since I first joined the club on 2007. I made a promise to myself that I'm going to finish the things I've started. My first club ever in high school was Arts & Craft Club (which a club I have never dream to enter because I suck at drawing) and after 4 years and a few weeks, I'm still in the club. Yay me. Nina is the President for the club and I'm her vice :)

5th Jan
AGM for Badminton. This is the first year for me in this club. Yeah, I can play badminton quite well but I'm not in the school team or in the club before. I was in Tennis since 2007 but I can't play tennis. Nice one (Y).

6th Jan
AGM for Scouts. Yay! You know how much I love Scouts right? I was informed earlier that I'm the troop leader for 2011. Both Azura and Nina have their own duty in Scouts too. Oh, did I tell you that my best friends joined Scouts this year? Cool right? Each and every one of them have their own post for this Badan Beruniform. I think things will be awesome this year :D InsyaAllah.



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