Sunday, January 02, 2011
2nd Note; and this is the truth

Hello everyone,

So if you're on Facebook, I'm sure that you know what is happening over there kan? People asked you to send a number into their mailbox and they will tell the truth about you. I decided to give it a try and this is the result.

Azura Abrar :
Feeling alone? Find someone like her, and you'll never walk alone. Ok, dah Liverpool pulak. HAHA. But that's the thing you will never, ever find someone like her, cause she's different. What I'm trying to say is, just having her around, it will make you smile and laugh like there's no tomorrow. Weh, she's so energetic, she can talk non-stop for hours. Wuish, kalau dia bercakap, Nauzubillah, tak boleh stop. HAHA. But that's what I like about this girl. She's bubbly, she's beautiful, her dimple is to die for, sebab tu she gets AAALLLLLL the guys. Yes, guys out there, if you meet her, be prepared to fall for her. And girls, take care of your boyfriends. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Kidding. Dia budak baik, jangan risau. I've been lucky enough to get to know her almost 11 years now, and I hope it will remain this way for another 30-40 years, or let's just say, forever. I love you Fatin Hanani

Nabihah Wan Nordin :
I'm not really good writing about people. But seriously, this girl, she's one in a million. Who else could you find someone smiling with a dimple yang berlubang tu? :P I'm so jealous, okayyy. Oh and, her kedutness. Damn EPIC man. *Ingat pokok kelapa kat tengah bandar? Hihihihihi. Good times we had together babe, are beyond awesome. PRICELESS. I'm grateful to have you as a part of my life. Urghhh, susahnya nak tulis lagi . YOU KNOW WHAT, can I just make it simple? I LOVE YOU ♥ Muahhhhhss.

Arif Nasrudin :
Once you get to know this girl, you'll know that she's :
F stands for - Fawesome,
A stands for - Always-Kedut,
T stands for - Tomei-tomei,
I stands for - Intelligent,
N stands for - Noyying.
That's what makes her gets AALLLL the guys. I got lots of things to say but I don't remember it all. So, I don't really know what more to say and that's why I never did this status thingy. Current is less than 3u. ;) Hehe, I know you hate maths. :D :D

Pao Jun Ren :
Haha, I miss you la. Too bad I can't say your name here. I enjoy talking to you and your friends during recess time. And I know you very baik. If you are a guy kan bagus. We can joke and fool around. If got new and interesting novel, tell me ok? Good luck.

Muhaimin Arif :
Powerhouse BM. Bekas isteri kedua eh? ;) One of the richest classmate. Suka Chelsea :P Boooooo. Famous for Kedut and getting all the gays. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Alia Natasha :
OMG y u so cute like pingu waannn? I love you because you're my best friend! Remember back in 2008, we had some issues and then all of sudden we become the bestest friend with our another 2 coocoo lads? Haih, good old times. And your K-Pop obsession so cannot go away wan -_- Sometimes I feel like punching you in the face just so that you shut up. HAHA :P Anyway babylove I miss you

Fayra Deena :
Tee hee :P You're my favourite girl to tease at because I wuvvv you! I must say I'm truly hypnotized by your adrenaline rush like almost all the time? Haha XD . The best memories I had so far with you are definitely during year 2009 when we had a crazy journey sitting for PMR. From laughters to heartbreaks to melampauness :B Everything was just so fun and I'm glad I still have you, best friend.

Haikal Ilmani :
I know I’m supposed to write something bout you but it's kinda hard cuz words don’t actually begin to describe you. Well for starters, you're a REALLY awesome friend. It’s fun talking to you, seeing you laugh and smile makes me wanna smile too. I think you have a spell or something because every time I see u, I’d smile :D Okay then, um...let see, well one thing for sure, you. are. talkative. period. :P Well it's actually fun to see you talk nonstop and stare at you, and think “Man, she never stops does she?” Haha. Jkjk. But it’s a bit weird or awkward if you stop talking. You're a happy go lucky kind of girl and I've never even seen you angry actually except with your sisters which I’d then always say, “Hoh, garang.” Haha. :P Btw, you have a beautiful smile :D It’s something to die for. And with your dimple. My God, you are adorable. Rase nak cubit-cubit je. Haha. Well I think I should not write too much because your blog is gonna be full. Well last words, I hope we can hang out sometime when I return back to Malaysia and all the best for your SPM! Good luck and take care! :D – Peace out-

Nina Merlissa :
Budak kecik! That number reminds me of Damia. Suka sangat dial 9999999 :P Btw, we know each other since the first day in SBU. Hehe. I remember each word and your expression. You thought that I'm an artist. Alolohh cantiknya aku :D You are very friendly, OVER FRIENDLY sebenarnya. Damn talkative, happy go lucky. The fact that you love KPOPopopon really annoys me. Haha :D I miss the old you babe

Koh Kay Kim :
Hohoho. *akhem* KAAWAAANNN BAAAAIIIKKKK. Haha, well here's what I've thought of you. At first, you seem to be like, the average normal Malay prefect until you started talking. Then, I was amazed at how sociable you are. Pretty much after that, you've showed me that you have an awesome circle of friends which hence, makes you awesome as well I guess. But... there was a period when you look tired and sad D: I wanted to ask, but takut nanti kena marah menyibuk pulak > < . In the end, it's nice to see you smiling once again. Hahaha, in a nutshell, I think you're just a very friendly person that's easy to mix with :)



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