Wednesday, April 20, 2011
113th Note - Une lettre à Roméo

*background music playing, Falling in by Lifehouse*
I can't wait to tomorrow
This feeling has swallowed me whole
And know that I've lost control
This hearth that I've followed
Has left me so hollow
That was then, this is now, yeah you have changed everything.

Dear you,

Thanks for being such a good friend all these while. No words can ever describe how much I appreciate you as a friend. You are always there, giving me advices when I'm down. You are always there, lending me your ears when I tell you how suck my life is. You have never look down on me, not even once. You told me that you will always believe in me whenever I said that I can't do this or that. You always know when and how to encourage me. You always know the right words to say, to make me feel better. You are the one person who never fails to put a smile on my face just by saying a simple 'Hello'. For me, you are just amazing, just the way you are.




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