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185th Note - Esprit De Corps

I arrived school at 7.50am. Masa sampai-sampai tu, there were a few MBS boys yang dah sampai dulu. I greeted the SBU prefects. I was really nervous and excited at the same time. What if kalau benda ni tak jadi macam yang dah plan? What if the prefects complain pasal the foods and games semua? My mind was totally full with the what ifs.

The mineral bottles. Yes, we are the prefects of SBU.

The booklet and souvenirs.

Guests start datang around 8.15 macam tu. The prefects of SBU dah pergi ke station masing-masing. Since Prefects' Gathering ni Form 4 dengan Form 3 yang handle, the Form 5 prefects basically have nothing to do. Memang kitaorang tak involve pun since we are quite busy with studies and stuffs. So yeah, since we had nothing to do, we helped our juniors to welcome the prefects from other schools to Seri Bintang Utara.

During registration.
"Welcome to SBU," that was our most favourite line.

The event started quite late, at 9.15am. The prefects were divided into some groups. Did you see the ribbon in the booklet and souvenirs picture? Yeah, the ribbon colour determine your group. I was in the pink group, just like Ivy. LOL. I chose the pink ribbon actually. Ivy asked me to do so, so that the both of us will be in the same group. Hahaha.

The ice breaking game :)

After the ice breaking game, we were asked to enter the Bilik Serbaguna for the next game. Seriously people, I've no idea about this game at all. We were asked to sit in our group and create our own cheer. My group mates were all shy. Mak datuk, nak suruh diorang bercakap punyalah susah. Last-last aku dengan Ivy je yang bercakap tak henti-henti just to get out from the awkwardness.

Setelah lama menunggu, our turn finally arrived! All of us were blindfolded except for the group leader that we had to pick from the first game. We had to walk in line and the group leader was supposed to guide us. Aku dengan Ivy dengan confidentnya menawarkan diri since we're a SBUian. Kononnya kitaorang ni dah kenal sangat dengan our own school compound. Hahaha. So aku berdiri paling depan sekali and Ivy berdiri belakang aku.

Bila kena blindfolded, I've no idea at all mana aku nak tuju. I was the one yang berdiri paling depan sekali tapi aku tak tahu direction and trust me, aku panic. Masa ni baru aku insaf sikit. I am really grateful kerana dikurniakan deria yang sempurna. Alhamdulillah.

Sampai-sampai dekat luar je, aku dengar ada orang jerit, "Top 5!". Tak sempat nak bernafas, aku dah basah kuyup from head to toe. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, budak-budak ni. Masa nilah diorang nak buli Top 5, kan? Ivy dengan aku dah menggigil sejuk tak ingat dunia kat situ. Bukan tu je, kitaorang kena kacau dengan the prefects from other schools yang memang 100% tak kenal langsung.

Top 5

Ee Lin (Head Prefect) - Ee Lin kena teruk gila. I mean like seriously teruk! Berbaldi-baldi air kena simbah. She was dragged away from her team mates. Prefects, jahat gila korang. Hahahaha. It was fun bullying your own head prefect, huh?

Iverene (Asst. 1) - Ivy kena tak teruk sangat. 3 baldi je rasanya. Hahaha, because she was standing right behind me.

Sheng Juen (Asst. 2) - Sheng tak kena at all! Mana aci! Sheng was the photographer of the day, so dia tak nak join game.

Fatin (Secretary) - 3 baldi air. Great, just great. One from Afnan, another one from Melvin. Lagi satu tak tau siapa. Lepas tu, Syah pulak buat dajal lekat sellotape semua benda sebab aku majal dia suruh nyanyi masa Ice Breaking. Serves you right, Fatin! :P

Vanessa (Treasurer) - 2 baldi air. Lepas tu Vanessa nak balas dendam, dia pulak yang pergi simbah orang. Hahahahaha. Lawak gila :D

One from Afnan.

One from Melvin.

A baldi after another. Good job, prefects -____-''

Poor Bihah. Kim, caught in action.

We had our lunch after that. Most of the prefects changed back into their school uniform sebab dah basah kuyup. I decided not to change since I am too lazy. Aku sanggup pakai baju basah kuyup tu sampai balik. Kasut dah rasa macam swimming pool because my socks were totally wet. A junior told me that my tracksuit looked like an umbrella. Kurang hasam betul, -___-''

After lunch we had our closing ceremony. The Form 4 and Form 3 prefects performed their musical choral speaking. IT WAS SUPER DUPER AWESOME WEH! Total legit! I had fun watching them and singing together with them

Apa lagi, habis la. Hahaha. Btw, I met my old kindergarten buddy, Izzudin. I did not recognize him at first but he recognized me since he used to bully me everyday. LOL.

This is how it goes;

I was chatting with this SAB girl and she congratulate the SBU prefects for having such a great and fun Prefects' Gathering. We chatted for a while and Izzudin who was on the phone joined us all of sudden. Dia tak letak telefon pun lagi when dia tiba-tiba cut our conversation and asked me, "Are you in Form 5?". I was actually surprised and I said, "Yeah.". He was smiling and dia tanya lagi, "Which tadika are you from?". I was like, 'This dude is asking me about my tadika. Dude, seriously?'. I answered, "Tadika Karisma.". The moment when I said Tadika Karisma, he was smiling from ears to ears and he pointed at me. I was like, "Why?" with this blank expression. He said, "Fatin Hanani, don't you remember me? I am the Izzudin who used to kick your seat everyday." while smiling. I smiled but I can't remember him at all. I tried hard to ingat balik tapi tak ingat. Lepas tu dia cakap lagi, "I was the one who kicked your seat in the van setiap hari. Ingat tak?". After dia cakap macam tu je, I screamed like hell! I.REMEMBER.HIM! He is Izzudin, the big bully! Dia selalu team up dengan Amirul untuk 'buli' aku setiap hari dekat sekolah. I was so excited that I can't stop smiling. He used to be the big bully but now he's the 'Penyelia 1' at SAB. WOW!

Izzudin was smiling widely bila aku dah jadi separuh hyper kat situ. Gosh, this is unbelievable. I asked him, "How did you recognize me after 11 years?" and guess what he said? "I saw your name tag. Fatin Hanani Adnan. I remember your name oddly enough." I smiled and said, "Seriously, after 11 years?". Dia cakap, "Fatin Hanani. Hmmm, she has the right face. Height. Yeah after 11 years I was guessing that you weren't going to be real tall.". Hampeh betul -_-'

Izzudin asked for my number and he told me that he is still in contact with Amirul. Bagus sangat lah tu kan? Hahahahaha :D

Izzudin stood next to me :)

Prefects united.

Souvenir sebelum balik :D

Our Chairman for this Prefects' Gathering, Miss Nur Hafizah Zulkiply.
(Lol, Hafizah was sitting on a chair when Afnan and Kim suddenly lift her up. She freaked out like crazy man! That's so cute of her.)
Hafizah, thanks a lot for making this gathering real. We received positive feedbacks from almost all of the prefects from all the schools that we invited. Thank you so much :D


The SBU Prefects. (Y)



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