Monday, December 05, 2011
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Dammit, blogging feels so freaking weird nowadays. I don't even know what to write anymore. It is just, weird. Moving on, SPM is actually over. Woooiiishhhhhhhhh. Still tak percaya yang I am done with high school. So, I survived 11 years in school huh? :P

I've been doing nothing else at home sekarang ni except for being in front of the computer 24/7. I mean it people. Seriously. Daripada pagi sampai malam, memang depan computer je lah kerja aku. One movie to another. Kalau dah boring tengok movie, pergi stalk orang. Kalau dah boring jugak, pergilah buat apa-apa kejap and then sambung drama pulak. I'm lifeless. I should get a life, I know.

I went out with Mimi last Friday. We watched Ombak Rindu & Breaking Dawn. Ombak Rindu is really good! It's as good as Lagenda Budak Setan. Cried like it is no one's business in the cinema. Maya Karin is so freaking pretty! She plays the role as Izzah well. The same goes to Aaron Aziz. Mak ai, Aaron Aziz sexy gila kot. I was like, VAHMDUHADFODBCSERAWNHDEJUOPLOY during the movie. Hahaha, yang tu melampau. Tapi they made a good pair lah. You can see the Chemistry between them. Daaayyyuuuummmnnnn, Chemistry. One thing yang slack, Lisa Surihani. She's just too sweet that she can't berlakon watak jahat. Her pure face memang nampak baik although she screamed and mengamuk in the movie. The whole cinema laughed when she said, "I can't believe that you're such a slut!". Hahahaha, serious oh. She was supposed to sound angry tapi tak macam orang tengah marah. Breaking Dawn was the bomb. I'm #TeamJacob. I don't know whether it is just me or memang Edward Cullen dah hilang ke-hotness-an dia. Bella is just as annoying as always sampai there's this one part where I feel like punching her in the face for real. By the way, Jacob Black sangat hot. I've this feeling yang Alia is going to kill me for liking Taylor Lautner. Hahahaha. Tak lah, I only like him in Breaking Dawn and that's it.

Cleaned my room, yesterday. Haih, look at the papers that I've been carrying this whole year! Saya nak jual semua kertas-kertas tu dekat Apek Paper Lama. Agak-agak, berapa boleh dapat? :P

I'm going to miss my girlfriends and boyfriends so much. Haaaiiih, what is life without them? They are the reason why I'm happy. They are and will always be my favourite It's just too bad that some of them are going to PLKN soon. So saaaaad :'(

Ivy, Hui Min & I went to the Mo.A concert last Saturday. I won't be talking about that in this entry since kalau aku cakap jugak sampai esok pun tak habis tulis. Hahahaha. It was really really crazy! Sumpah tak tipu oh. I can't believe that I saw Super Junior, f(x), Miss A and B1A4 depan mata. LIKE REAALLLYYYYY DEPAN MATA! Since my camera is still with Ivy and I can't post the videos and pictures that I took, I'll hold the entry dulu. Nanti kalau dah dapat balik camera, saya janji untuk mengupdate blog ni lagi. This time it might be worst since we went into their waiting room right after the concert. I was quite surprised sebab the security guard and staffs tak stop kitaorang pun. Woooooo, okay okay okay. I'll get my camera A.S.A.P from Ivy and start updating. Wait for it ;)

PS; Did I tell you that I have Super Junior's towel with me? Bukan tuala mandi lah, it's another towel. They left the towel in their dressing room so we took it. Hahahahaha. That sounds stupid but who cares? At least I have one :)

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