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360th Note; A Lunch Date with Alexander Lee Eusebio (1)


So, I won the second contest organized by Soya Beanz Productions and the prize was to have a lunch date with Xander. Yes, Alexander Lee Eusebio.

Mimi came to my house that morning, around 11. Bila Mimi sampai je, kitaorang terus rush pack our hadiah untuk Xander and everything. We gave him a 2012 diary and a book that contains the messages from the Xanderettes from all around the world. Kitaorang keluar rumah at 12pm sharp. We have to be there (Station One, Kota Damansara) at 1.30pm actually but since ayah tak tahu tempat tu dekat mana, we decided to come early. Yelah, karang kalau sesat, tak ke naya?

When we entered the restaurant, the very first person we saw was Angeline and Serinnah. Angeline was one of the 5 people (including Mimi & I) who won the video contest for Xander. We chatted and Angeline showed us Xander's pictures from the press conference. Yes, SHE ACTUALLY WON THE PASS FOR THE PRESS CONFERENCE TOO! How lucky!

*We waited for Soya Beanz's crew, bla bla bla. I'm going to skip the boring part.*

Alright. At 2pm sharp, the MC said, "Okay girls, I just want to let you know that Xander is here already.". The moment when she said that, Xander terus keluar daripada satu Alphard putih. I swear I was shivering like crazy. Dalam hati, Allah je yang tahu perasaan aku macam mana. The twins (Jolene & Colene who won the video contest as well) screamed like crazy when Xander entered the restaurant. Xander was so friendly and nice! He kept looking at us while waving and he can't stop smiling. Trololololol.

Mimi and I was really speechless. Gila apa tak speechless? I sat soooooooooo freaking near to him! LIKE BAPAK GILA DEKAT! I can't take my eyes off Xander. Mata macam dah kena glue pandang muka dia je. Hahaha. I looked at Mimi and just like I expected, Mimi dah tak boleh bergerak dah dekat situ. She was really shy bila jumpa Xander depan-depan. If you guys know me personally, you guys will know that I'm actually a very happy go lucky person and kadang-kadang aku boleh jadi terlebih friendly. Hahaha. I was stunned for a minute or two, lepas tu dah normal balik dah. Hahaha.

The foods, after the lunch session. WE DIDN'T EAT AT ALL.

Xander was like, "Hi everyone! Lets eat! Please, don't be shy with me.". He smiled like craaaaaaaaaaazy when he said that. Ya Allah, I seriously don't know how to react. Since everyone else was speechless and shy, I took the opportunity to talk to him first. I was like, "Xander, I can't speak!". Bila dia dengar je aku cakap macam tu, dia terus gelak. Since the situation was kinda awkward, Xander cakap "Just try to relax and calm down.". Lepas dengar je dia cakap macam tu, I was like "I'm trying to relax here, Xander." and he laughed again. MAK DATUK, I FREAKING TALKED TO HIM. PSFCHGCSDVYTDCFVGIWPPDMWBDAFFWQM. I manage to record this on camera but lepas tu, the MC asked us to keep our camera aside since Xander wants the lunch to be close and personal ;)

The situation was awkward lagi masa tu. All the 8 of us were shy to talk to Xander first. Xander yang banyak tanya soalan. He was like, "Are you girls in college?" and I told him that I'm going to college next year. Mimi told him that she's in high school and Xander was like, "Aaaaah, high school." and he nodded. Lepas tu Xander cakap, "So all of you are younger than me, right?" and we were like yeahhh. Hahaha.

I asked him a lot of questions and he answered the questions one by one. There's this one part where dia macam "Come on girls. Just ask me any question. Personal question is okay too.". Ambik kau, dia dah bagi chance suruh tanya soalan personal sebab semua orang macam malu nak cakap dengan dia. Dengar je Xander cakap macam tu, the twins terus tanya, "When was your first kiss?". Xander gelak gila-gila and he said, "That's such a good question! What do you mean by my first kiss? Is it my first kiss with a girl or what?". Hahaha, dia saja buat-buat tak faham lah tu. LOL. Lepas tu dia cakap yang dia tak pernah ada first kiss dengan mana-mana perempuan setakat ni since dia takde girlfriend sebab dia busy dengan schedule dia.

Dah alang-alang cakap pasal girlfriend, I asked him, "Xander, who is your ideal girl?". Dia sengih lagi. Lepas tu, he looked DIRECTLY AT ME. RIGHT DALAM MATA SAYA, DIA CAKAP, "I don't have any female celebrity that I really like or adore. I prefer normal girl, not someone who is famous, to be my girlfriend,".

Mimi & I, with Xander.

Since banyak sangat yang aku cakap dengan dia, I'm just going to write it in dialogue form, okay? Saya tak larat nak cerita expression dia satu-satu. Aku dah macam wartawan CNN dah dekat situ. Well, who cares? This is my once in a lifetime punya experience kan? So I have to use it dengan bijak dan saksama.

Fatin : Xander, in Korea, is it really rude if someone younger than you refuse to call you oppa?
Xander : I think it's okay actually to not call someone older than you, oppa. But you know, Koreans really respect someone who is older than them. If the fans call me oppa, it feels like we're close to each other, something like that. Oh, so they are younger than me, that kind of feeling. (After that, dia macam usik kitaorang. LOL) I want to tell you girls something. Okay, no no no. *We were like, "Awwhh, come on Xander. Finish it." and he said, "No no no," with the expression and everything. He smiled and continue,* "Okay, I'm going to tell you girls this but please promise me that this secret will just stay between us. Promise?" *He looked at us one by one.* We nodded our head before he started to tell us 'that'. Hahaha :P

Fatin : What was your most memorable moment on stage?
Xander : I like the first concert and my final concert with U-Kiss. Sigh, I miss the 6 boys so much. During the first stage in 2008, the 7 of us were so nervous but we know that we have each other to rely on and stuffs. You know what? When we were in the dressing room back then, we talked about our fans often. We can just chit chat without our managers, just like what all of us are doing now, and saying bad stuffs about this and that manager. Hahaha, it was fun. I miss the boys. *All of us macam speechless gila. I think he saw that and he said,* Awww, girls, don't give me that look. I'm fine. I'm really fine :)

There were actually lagi banyak gila soalan but since we made a deal with Xander to not tell anyone about other questions, I'm going to stop here. Maaf. Xander bagi kitaorang reveal 2 questions je. Yang lain dia suruh keep it as a secret as we were the only fans yang tahu pasal ni. One thing for sure, DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA. Xander said that himself. We know basically what happened to U-Kiss back then. Alright, I'm gonna stop this topic here.

MC tu cakap, "We watched your videos and wow, we have to say that you girls did a very good job! If I'm not mistaken, someone use the 'Hero' song as the background music.". The moment bila MC tu cakap pasal 'Hero' and the video je, Mimi dengan aku tiba-tiba pandang each other. We were so excited and we said, "We made the video!". Xander was kinda surprised! He was like, "I saw the video and thank you so much, girls. I was really really touched. I'm so thankful that I have my supportive fans by my side,".

Mimi dah speechless, tak tahu nak cakap apa, so I replied, "You know what Xander, we actually made the video twice. We spent 5 hours on the first video and in the middle of saving it, the laptop went blank! Just like PPUUFFFF! Get what I mean? The video was gone! It was not in the laptop, anymore! We were really frustrated and I swear that we almost cried. It was kinda late and we were still not done with the video. Soya Beanz posted other videos on their official Facebook page and at the same time, all our efforts are gone! But Mimi and I won't let it bring us down. We knew that everything happens for a reason and we said, 'We have to do this for Xander! Just for Xander!' and that's how we manage to finish the video by the dateline.". Xander was really touched. You can see it clearly from his face oh. Lepas tu Xander cakap, "I know exactly how you girls feel at that moment. Well, it happened to me once when I was still with U-Kiss, bla bla bla...... But then, thank you so much, girls." and he smiled again!

Just like dalam gambar, ada banyak gila food atas meja but all of us tak sentuh langsung the foods. Mimi and I just makan nugget je kot. Serious, I was so hungry before jumpa Xander. Dah lah tak breakfast, lunch pun tak lagi tapi bila nampak je muka dia, terus hilang lapar. Hahaha. Xander was like, "Who wants to eat? I can serve you girls, if you want to." but takde siapa react. Semua tak nak makan. Weh seriously, do you expect us to eat depan Xander? Memang tak lah. Tengok muka dia je dah kenyang. BETUL, SERIOUS TAK TIPU.

Saya rasa entri ni dah kinda panjang dan saya akan continue fan account ni lepas saya balik showcase malam nanti, InsyaAllah. Kalau tak pun, nanti bila-bila aku free aku update lagi. It's either cepat or lambat tapi saya janji saya akan update jugak. Teeeheeeee, till we meet again in the next entry!


Oh and I asked Xander to signed on my iPod case before he leaves. Lalalalalala, I'm such a happy fangirl right now.

PS; I introduced myself as Hany again. Woooooots. Hahahaha :D

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