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364th Note; Alexander's 1st Showcase in MY

BACKGROUND SONG; I Just (Alexander Lee Eusebio)

I seriously won't forget this date for my entire life. When I woke up this morning, I still can't believe that I got to meet him for two days in a row. Wow, really. WOW. I've to admit that I was not a big fan of Alexander before this. Yes, I do like U-Kiss but he's definitely not my bias. My first bias in U-Kiss was Eli and then Kevin and now it's AJ. Xander is actually Mimi's ultimate bias. She likes him since he was still a member of U-Kiss. So, bila Mimi dah start minat Alexander, she asked me to help her with Xander's 2011 Birthday Project. I blogged about this project once, so feel free to read the entry HERE, kalau tak baca lagi :) To make the project successful, I have to dig about Alexander. I started to Google him, and stuffs. Lepas dah lama-lama tu (project tak siap lagi), I started to fall in love with this guy. I like the way he talks, I like the way he goes gaga over small things, I like his friendly-charming personality. The most important thing is, I like his accent! His accent is definitely different from anyone else! I find his accent cute ;)  

When Soya Beanz announced that they will be bringing Xander over, aku dah tahu dah yang I will never ever miss this chance. Yelah, bila lagi nak jumpa Alexander LIVE depan mata kan? This is the only chance! Plus, I'm such a big fan of U-Kiss, dah tentu-tentulah aku nak jumpa Xander, walaupun he's not a part of U-Kiss anymore. 

Look at the crowds! Xander was really touched when he saw this. He expected half of this je. 
Xander, you have a proud Xanderette here! :')

Xander performed 5 songs in total. He sang Bad Girl, I Just and Oh! Baby from his new single. Xander pilih Malaysia as the first country ever yang dia nyanyi lagu-lagu tu LIVE. Xander tak pernah nyanyi lagu tu live dekat mana-mana tu sebelum ni, including Korea. Besides, the official music video for 'I Just' was released on that night too! We were the first batch yang tengok the music video! Xander was really happy and he said, "You guys are really lucky coz I keep giving my first times to Malaysia.". I was really really touched when he said that. Plus, Xander sang 'That Man' from Secret Garden and another famous mandarin song from the drama Meteor Garden 'Qing Fei De Yi'. I swear I almost cried when Xander sang Qing Fei De Yi! I watched Meteor Garden when I was 11! That song brings me back to my childhood memories. I remember being obsessed with that drama. Sigh, good times :')

First lunch gathering with fans - Malaysia
First time singing the songs from his new mini album live - Malaysia
First time singing Mandarin song - Malaysia 
First batch who watched the 'I Just' music video - Malaysia

His smile was really sincere that night. From his face expression, you can tell that he's really happy.


Since I won both contests organized by the Soya Beanz Productions, I got to spend an hour with Alexander Lee Eusebio. Remember the 'Like' contest on FB? Alaaaaah, I blogged about it too before, HERE. Masa Xander tengah nyanyi lagu 'That Man', I got a signal from Abby (Soya Beanz crew). I was standing with Carmen, another winner and Abby asked us to come in front to get ready to be on stage! TRUST ME, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW I FELT! Nervous gila, tak payah nak cakap! I was shivering satu badan. I can't even feel the ground. Serious tak tipu. Carmen was like, "Fatin, I don't know what to say! What should I say on stage?" and I gave her that o.O look. After a while, I started to calm myself sikit and lepas beberapa seconds, saya start menggigil balik. Carmen was really really nervous and dia tak boleh lepas pegang lengan aku. I asked Carmen to cool down a bit but it did not help at all. Shevon joined us later. I was the first winner, Shevon was second and Carmen was third.

Yes, it's true that I've been on stage with U-Kiss before, but this is totally DIFFERENT! LAIN GILA! Dulu, I've no idea at all yang aku akan naik stage sebab AJ pilih aku. But now? Sebelum showcase lagi Abby dah suruh get ready semua benda. Memang nervous gila lah kan? 

Carmen naik dulu.since she's the third winner. I can tell that she was anxious. Tiba-tiba je, Shevon pulak naik. I was like WRYINCVJSPDNDFGFCTAAZZOPLNGF IT'S REALLY GOING TO BE MY TURN AFTER THIS?! SSHHHHHOOOOOOTTTT!!!! MAN, I AM NOT READY AT ALL!!!! 

And suddenly, Shevon turun daripada stage and the MC was like, "Lets move on to the first winner!". Masa naik tangga stage tu, I was like, "WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY? MY MIND IS BLANK! I CAN'T THINK!" and physically, aku sengih je. LOL. The crowds were crazy, man! They shouted, "Fatin! Fatin! Fatin!!!". Hahaha, I know exactly siapa yang start dulu. It was Wani and Mimi! Diorang yang start jerit nama aku and the rest ikut. Hahahahaha.  

The moment bila Xander pandang je aku, he pointed at me and he was like, "EHHHHHHHHHHHH!". He was shocked, I think! He gave me that I-know-you look and smile and said "Hi!" to me excitedly! WOAAAAAAAAAAH, THIS GUY KNOW THAT I EXIST! HE KNEW THAT I WAS THE GIRL FROM THE LUNCH GATHERING! I WAS SO TOUCHED! XANDER, NOW TELL ME HOW DO YOU WANT ME NOT TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN?! Woots, maaf maaf. Saya hyper sekejap tadi. Siapa tak hyper kalau celebrity ingat kita, kan? ;)

He was describing the lunch session. Lawak gila! I burst into laughter on the spot jugak. 

MC : Okay, what's your name?
THE-HYPER-FATIN : My name is Hany and actually I met Xander yesterday during the lunch session. *the crowds went totally craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy with jealousy, I guess. Hehehe* :D
MC : Wow!
THE-HYPER-FATIN : We ate together! *I was smiling from ear to ear* :D
ALEXANDER : Yesterday during the lunch session, lunch with fans, all of the girls were like sitting down, they were so nervous that they did not talk and they did not eat. I was the only one *did the eating sign*. [HIS EXPRESSION WAS PRICELESS!] What did we eat yesterday? Was it 'nasi lemak'? *He turned and looked at me.*
THE-HYPER-FATIN : We ate nasi goreng.
ALEXANDER : Yeah. And I was like, "Lets eat!" and they were all like *he blinked his eyes a few times to imitate our reaction when we first saw him during the lunch. LMAO!* It was good! *pat my shoulder, twice.* :D
MC : So, what are you going to say?

I turned to face Xander and at the same time, he turned to face me. The words in my head were all mixing together.

FATIN :  Xander,
FATIN : The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to overcome, to create and to be greater than our sufferings. So whenever you feel down or something, think of us and we will be always here to support you during thick and thin. *The crowds were screaming like crazy after I said my lines.*
ALEXANDER : *He was speechless! Really! I think he was touched and he tried really hard to control his expression. LOL Xander, don't try to hide it from me, I know your expression well. After a while, he smiled :)

MC : So you guys will be the judge!

The moment when the MC said that, the crowds were like, "HANY! HANY! HANY! HANY!". Weh, malu gila!!! I feel like running down the stage oh sebab malu sangat sangat!!! Lol, tiba-tiba rasa macam celebrity pulak :P

 Carmen - Fatin - Xander - Shevon.

He was touched :')

Bila turun stage je, Carmen, Shevon and I terus pegang tangan and we redah the crowds together to get back to our original place. All the eyes were on us. It was a good experience. Lepas dah main second game, it was time for Xander to change his outfit. Masa break tu, ada video yang diorang pasang. Guess video apa?! They played the video that we made! Ingat tak dalam entry lunch aku, aku ada cakap pasal menang contest? Mimi and I won the contest yang menawarkan hadiah untuk spend an hour with Alexander. Ingat tak? We have to record a video for Xander, tak kiralah macam mana bentuk video tu, ikut creativity masing-masing, in order to win the passes to meet him during lunch! Yes, they played the video that Angeline, the twins (Jolene & Colene) and Mimi & I made! I was touched and proud at the same time since Xander himself chose the winner! Here come the videos that they played during the showcase. 

The video that Mimi & I made for Xander. Tell me what do you think about the video, yeah? :D

Video by: Jolene & Colene (The Twins)

Angeline's video :)

I was speechless when I saw my own face at the screen! I was like WTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Jolene and Colene stood near me when they played the video. When my video was played, Colene pat my shoulder and the moment she did that, I burst into tears. Well, I'm too touched. Imagine lah, semua kerja keras saya dan Mimi membuahkan hasil. Mana tak bangga? Lebih 2 ribu orang tengok video yang kitaorang buat malam tu. 

Colene tweeted me this after the showcase. HAHAHAHA.

Lets move on to the autograph session pulak! I was looking forward for the autograph session sebenarnya. Tak sabar nak cakap dengan Xander lagi! 

FATIN : *I passed my album to Xander* Xander, I'm HANY!
XANDER : *He nodded a few times sambil sign the album.* :D
FATIN : Don't forget your promise to us, yeah?
XANDER : *He looked kinda blur*
FATIN : The promise that you made during the lunch session!
XANDER : Aaaaaah! Okay! *He smiled again.*

After the autograph session. He said that we were the best crowds ever :')
Come again Xander, I miss you badly!

After the showcase with Wani. We were super exhausted but it was worth it!

Oh by the way, Wani was on stage with Xander too! Tak percaya? Here's the proof ;)

1. Mimi slept at my house malam Ahad tu. We were spazzing like crazy! Serious tak boleh tidur. Lepas dah penat, around 2 baru tidur. LOL :P
2. Jolene, Colene, Mimi & I spammed the Twitter timeline with our tweets. It was really annoying but I love it! :D
3. Yes, I do have a fancam of me on stage but I'm too lazy to upload it on Youtube. Malas lah, sorry XD

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