Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Happy 18th Birthday, Fatin Hanani Adnan.

Entri ni sebenarnya lambat 6 hari. I thought of updating my blog on my birthday but I was too busy with my assignments, quiz and test, so tak sempat nak publish even a very short entry pun, thanking everyone who wished me for my birthday. 

I'm going to post the wishes that I got on Twitter. Serious terharu bila ramai yang wish macam-macam for my birthday. Ini baru dekat Twitter. Belum lagi yang call, just to sing me Happy Birthday. Belum lagi yang text panjang lebar segala. I was so touched reading the text messages sampai menangis-nangis the other day. Hahaha. 

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, guys and girls, everyone yang wish masa 20th of September hari tu. Thank you jugak for the birthday presents which I didn't expect at all. Thank you. I'm blessed to have all of you, in my life. Thank you Allah SWT, for everything. Alhamdulillah. I'm thankful for everything I have. 

Dear Fatin Hanani binti Adnan,
You're finally 18 now! Happy Belated Birthday. Dah lapan belas tahun ni, macam-macam yang you have to achieve. Remember your dreams, ingat ibu, ingat ayah, ingat family. You have to make them proud. You have to show a good example dekat adik-adik, so that they can follow your lead. Jangan asyik nak main-main je. Ada masa main, ada masa belajar. You really have to bahagikan masa betul-betul. Jangan lalai dengan dunia. 

Dear Fatin Hanani binti Adnan,
You're finally 18 now! Strive for the best. Dah dah, jangan pandang belakang dah. The past is the past, jangan toleh belakang dah. Sekarang ni, just concentrate on what you have to do, what you have to achieve. Benda lain semua tolak tepi dulu. What matters the most is, your studies. Others may have a lot to say but you have to prove them wrong. Believe in yourself, you know can do it, Fatin Hanani Adnan. 

Good luck. I love you.

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