Tuesday, October 02, 2012
This is it.

Assalamualaikum and hi.

I'm writing this, on my very first day of the final exam. Hehe, done with Introduction to Malaysian System of Government and Politics, the first paper. You know what was my first impression towards this subject? "I am definitely going to hate this subject. I hate politics bla bla bla," so on and so forth. I was very very very sure yang subject Law 016 is going to be my least favourite subject. Ever.

I wonder how did my perception towards this subject berubah sama sekali. I am not the type yang boleh suka a subject dengan cepat. Heh, everyone knows how much I hate science. And maths too. And when I say science, yes, Chemistry, Biology and Physics are included. When I say maths, of course I'm talking about additional mathematics! Ya Allah, tak sanggup nak harungi zaman-zaman SPM kena paksa buat add maths :( I can still tolerate modern maths sebab modern maths macam senang lah jugak. It's not that I can't do science at all, but it's me. I don't want to do science. I don't even want to try to like science. Memang kalau boleh pandang paper pun dah tak sanggup. I suffered too much masa Form 4 and Form 5. I was forced to study the subject that I hate the most. Kalau ikut hati, memang ambik sastera dah :\

I like Law 016 now. A lot. I wonder why, sometimes. Now, I have the answer. It's the lecturer. Sir Farid is the best lecturer ever! I look forward to his class every week kot! The way he teaches us... sangat-sangat interesting. The way he explained the cases, so detailed that I understand every bits of it. Adatlah, bila dah faham, automatically kita akan suka the subject. Bila dah suka, I will automatically go all out every time class Sir. And bila dah suka juga, automatically aku akan buka sendiri past year questions and buat semua soalan. Haha, this applies only on this subject. Other law subjects, just macam-macam tu je :P

I've never been this satisfied before. I've never answered the exam questions all out, like what I did just now, masa paper Law 016. Only Allah knows how hard I studied for this subject. Didn't sleep for days, just to revise the cases, type of government system, the body of the government, did the group assignment all by myself, just to make sure that I'm totally ready for this one. I don't think I can take it if I fail this one or any other subject. Weh serious tak nak repeat semester. No no. A big fat no. 3 hours, I put everything that I have in my brain during that 3 hours. Every single thing, not even a dot left. The articles of the Federal Constitution, that I spent night and days reading and hafal macam apa, just to make sure that my answers are perfect with the strong back up from the articles.

Spent 6 hours at Starbucks just to study, discuss and revise this subject again and again with my close friends. We debated, discussed and list down every possible thing that might come out for the exam but come on, it's the final examination! There's no such thing as spot questions etc etc so we end up discussing everything that was in the syllabus.

I'm happy and thankful, yes I am. I gave it the best I could, so everything is now up to Allah SWT. I just hope that my hard works, sweat and tears pay. InsyaAllah, Amin.

1 down, 5 more papers to go.

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