Thursday, February 21, 2013
Aduhai Korea, fresh from the oven.

I feel so bad for leaving and abandoning this blog of mine just like that. But hey, I am back, this time with a very very great news to share with everyone. I have a test tomorrow, and another one coming in 4 days and I haven't read a single thing because I was so busy with the tutorials and some... stuffs. I'm literally pushing everything away just for this blog post, can you see how excited I am?! Hehehe.


Yes, the good news is, you can get your own copy of Aduhai Korea at the nearest bookstore; Popular, MPH, etc dengan harga RM15.90. Don't have time to go to the bookstore to buy it? Don't worry, you can still purchase it online ;)

Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah SWT for everything.

Thank you ibu & ayah, nenek, achik, angah, aunt, uncle, Dina, Abang & Dameer for the continuous support.

Thank you to my Gang Tiang friends, you guys are the best friends that I could ever ask for.

To my teachers & lecturers in both SBU and UiTM Kuantan, thank you very much!

To my roomates in Kuantan, you girls rock. Thank you for keeping my secrets! ;)

To my friends, UiTM or SBU, I'm glad to know each and every one of you.

And to you, who's here to read my blog yang entah apa-apa ni, I would like to thank you too for staying with me and still visit this blog although I rarely update it anymore. 

Can't believe that I almost forgot this; THANK YOU VERY MUCH KARNADYA SOLUTIONS FOR MAKING IT REAL FOR ME FOR THE SECOND TIME! This is like another dream come true and honestly speaking, I can't really believe that it is happening to me again :D

Oh yes, I'm that excited. I can write a long entry by tonight just to tell you how I feel in detail. Nasib baik esok ada test, so I decided to make this entry short... and of course, sweet, although tak adalah pendek mana pun. Lol.

PS: I was in the bus, heading to my campus when I received the phone call from KarnaDya Solution, telling me about this novel. Secara jujurnya, I can't concentrate dalam kelas the whole day sebab benda ni. Hahaha. Called ayah on the spot and 3 hours later, he called me and said that he has the novel with him. I was so touched. My father is the first one yang pegang the novel. Even aku pun tak bukak and tak tengok lagi tau. Ayah, you should feel honoured :P

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