Thursday, April 18, 2013
Happily Ever After

"If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this." - Maroon 5, Payphone.

I always like to read romance genre books, because those books end with the commitment of forever, happily ever after, 'till death do us part. After I finished each book, I used to ask myself, "Does happily ever after really exist?". Happily ever after means to find your one and only and live happily with that person for the rest of your life; to be constantly happy with no end.

Prince Charming: I love you, Fatin Hanani binti Adnan.
Fatin: I love you too.
Prince Charming: You nak kahwin dengan I tak?
Fatin: Nak nak!!!
*wedding bells*
And they live happily ever after...

Happily ever after are a set of words yang kita dah dengar since kecik lagi. From fairy tales to movies, from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty to Bawang Putih Bawang Merah. These words have given us the impression that life always ends up in a bed of roses but what is the case when it comes to reality? Pernah tak kita fikir pasal ni? It seems very impossible for us to achieve this happily ever after thing, don't you think so?

The other day, I was having a chat with my friend regarding this topic and we both ended up in a dilemma since we had this question unanswered. "Is there really a happily ever after?". If you ask me, in my very own opinion, I do believe in happily ever after. I know that my life would be close to perfect one day (sebab tak ada benda yang perfect pun atas dunia ni); with a loving husband by my side and my very cute anak-anak. Look at Maria Elena, Vivy Yusof, Irma Hasmie etc. They are married and they are very very happy with their marriage. Although sekarang ni banyak cerita yang kita dengar pasal divorce, I won't let it affect me, I won't let it ruins kepercayaan aku tentang happily ever after ni.

Before we move on further, we have to remember that the modern world we live in nowadays is built on materialistic things. We are running a rat race to survive everyday, with money being the ultimate goal and the only thing that seems to make us happy is money and money alone. We study because of money, we work for money and there are people out there who even hurt themselves ataupun dalam case yang lagi teruk lagi, die for money. Harsh kan?

Humans have become desperate for wealth and live lives that are unfulfilled and unsatisfied. No matter how much wealth we get, no matter how much money we have, we always yearn for more. Perasan tak? Adatlah jadi manusia, kita tak pernah puas dengan apa yang kita ada. This reflects on me jugak, of course.

Some of us believe that when we get married, it is all over and we are happy at last. It is true to a certain extent since you finally get the chance to be with the person you wanted to be with for a long time tapi do you have a plan from the day after your honeymoon on how are you going to manage your brand new family? Macam mana nak sara anak, isteri? Get your kids to school and give them proper education? Duit bukannya senang-senang jatuh dari langit and you can't expect your parents to support you sampai lepas kahwin, right?  Lepas persoalan demi persoalan ni timbul, I started thinking, where is this happily ever after yang selalu kita baca ni. Does it really exist?

"Happily ever after does exist," was a topic that I pick for my persuasive speech for BEL332 when I was doing my foundation in Kuantan because I think it's an interesting topic to talk about. Of course lah, dah nama pun persuasive speech, I have to persuade people to believe in what I believe. Jadi, menggunakan Encik Google, saya google, "How can we achieve happily ever after?" and this is what I got.

"We can achieve happily ever after by giving more values to our lives, our bonds and relationships rather than going after just monetary values. We can achieve it through love, through empathy, through caring and sharing. We can achieve it through reducing the number of foes we have and increasing the number of friends."

True isn't it? Happily ever after doesn't mean that all areas of your life need to be perfect. It can be the exact opposite. Tak semestinya kau tak ada benda yang orang lain ada, you can't achieve your own happily ever after. We've to remember yang nobody is perfect. Mana ada orang yang tak ada cacat cela, mana ada orang yang cukup sempurna daripada atas sampai bawah. Kalau ada pun, orang tu bukan orang, dia Barbie Doll. Barbie Doll pun tak perfect, aku rasa dia kurus sangat. Plastic pulak tu.

I was searching for my answer to this question since forever. Now I got my answer and the answer is YES, happily ever after does exist and I believe that with all my heart. When I was looking for my answer, I noticed one thing. For your life to be "happily ever after" with someone, you don't need to have a perfect love life. Tak semestinya kau kena jadi macam Edward & Bella, Harry & Ginny atau pun Geum Jandi & Gu Junpyo (ehh?). Happily ever after actually stands for the time that the person accepts to be happy in their life. Staying happy is a personal choice because one can choose to be happy in the worst of conditions atau putus harapan terus when everything is not right. It all depends on us, it is all in our mind. We are ones who will never live forever. We won't take everything we have now into our graves so it's really important to cherish what we have & love what we have without being greedy for what we don't have. Live our live to the fullest and be happy.

No relationship or life is a fairy tale, that is something that we can't sangkal. We won't wake up and find a fairy Godmother waiting for us with a kereta kuda, a palace or a tiara to crown us but with prayers and patience, there can be a happily ever after in the future. Be thankful for everything we have in our life, always be happy and I'm very sure that we will be able to achieve our own happily ever after, just like we read in all those fairy tales, InsyaAllah.

Besides, kan Allah Maha Mengetahui? ;)



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