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TVXQ 'Catch Me' Live in Malaysia

Date : 18th of May 2013
Venue : Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam

Okay, I don't even know how to start. Another dream comes true. Sampai hari ni, I still can't believe that I've already seen Yunho and Changmin in real life.

Baiklah. Mari saya ceritakan macam biasa kronologi daripada awal sampai habis. When I write my fangirl diary, I like to write secara mendalam because I don't want to forget any of it. Plus, this time melibatkan Homin kot, lagilah aku tak nak lupa.

This was unplanned. Asyraf won 2 RM788 worth tickets and he decided to give one to me. Baiknya hati dia! Saya amat lah terharu kerana perkara ini merupakan perkara yang sangat tidak disangka-sangka. When he asked me whether I want to go or not, sepantas kilat I said that I want to. Memang tak lah kan nak menolak pelawaan yang sangat ditunggu-tunggu ni.

First and foremost, since my ticket was at the VVIP Rock Zone B, I was REALLY near to the stage. Memang stage depan mata je lah. Changmin yang selalu datang dekat my side, so I'll be a little bit bias towards Changmin dalam this entry. It's not that I don't like Yunho ke apa, I like him as much as I like Changmin (and Jaejoong and Micky and Junsu, of course) but I don't have his pictures sangat in both of my handphone and camera. Ahhh, I'm so full of regrets.

Thank you Asyraf for the magical ticket.


Dong Bang Shin Ki was really really great. One thing I like about them is, diorang jarang sangat comeback tapi sekali comeback, ambik kau, memang meletup-letup. When they introduced themselves, Yunho cakap panjang lebar. He apologized because the Malaysian Cassiopeias have to wait for 6 years before TVXQ comes back to our country. Changmin was so shy, so he didn't say much. They asked us to enjoy the concert because they have been working so hard for this one.

During the concert, the stadium was filled with totally red ocean! Untuk pengetahuan semua, red is the colour of TVXQ's fandom. I didn't wear red on that day, but of course I have my red lightstick with me. The red ocean was so pretty. Cantik sangat sangat. Didn't expect that it would turned out that beautiful. I literally cried when Tasha posted this picture on Instagram and tagged me. A proud fan, I am.

Oh speaking about Tasha, she's is my primary schoolmate. We were not really close before but we got closer when we were in secondary school. Bila masuk form 2, Tasha moved to CBN. So macam lost contact sekejap kat situ. Tapi bila masuk form 4, kitaorang keep in touch balik. Korean entertainment industry draws me and Tasha closer, yang itu for sure. I'm a fangirl and so is she, so we have everything to talk about. There's a quote stating that "only a fangirl would understand another fangirl when it comes to fangirling over their bias." so true! Hahahahaha. I really really love my fangirling friends, tak kisahlah yang aku jumpa dekat concert, fanmeeting, events or the one yang aku jumpa dekat social network. They are quite nice and they can be as hyper as I am. That's the best part :P Back to Tasha, I was really happy when she told me that she's going to the concert as well. I was excited to meet her after a few years and I was more excited because I know that I'm going to have someone that I can talk about the concert for all year long. It's not that I can't talk about this with my best friends, cuma rasa tak kena sahaja sebab we listen to different kinds of music. Hahahahaha.

Tasha and I. It was good to see you again, babe!

The Malaysian Cassiopeias prepared some special events for the guys. The events went very well. I can tell that Changmin & Yunho were surprised because they didn't see it coming at all. When they sang 'Purple Line', we turned off our red lightstick, and keluarkan the purple lightstick that some fanbase distribute dekat kitaorang and walao, the stadium turned purple. CHANGMIN AND YUNHO WAS SURPRISED, YOU CAN REALLY SEE IT FROM THEIR FACE EXPRESSION WHILE THEY WERE PERFORMING. The purple ocean was as beautiful as the red ocean. You have no idea how proud I am to be a part of the amazing Malaysian fans. Malaysian Cassiopeias, we did a very good job.

Look at Changmin's expression.

There was also a part when we held a hand banner when they were singing. I can tell that both Changmin and Yunho nak menangis masa tu because they were touched. Even I felt like crying okay tengok their facial expression. Nampak touched gila bapak lah, especially Changmin. Yunho tried hard to control his facial expression so that he doesn't look like dia nak menangis but as a Cassie, I know that the leader was touched by our effort. Mata diorang macam bergenang jugak lah but they didn't let the tears drop. Knowing Yunho, he will never ever cry in public. Changmin memang nampak vulnerable sangat, but dia still try control lagi. Everyone knows how painful it is for Homin kan bila diorang terpaksa separate dengan JYJ. As a fan, I can definitely feel what they feel because it was very painful for me too. Satu benda yang aku harap diorang tahu, I hope they know that no matter what happen, no matter macam mana susah sekali pun, they still have their loyal Cassiopeia as their backbone. I have so much love for Dong Bang Shin Ki. For me, JYJ is still a sub-group for TVXQ and so does Homin. TVXQ consists of 5 members when they debuted, and for me, they are still a 5 member group up till now no matter how hard SM tried to separate them. Deep down inside, I still keep the faith that one day, the five of them would actually perform on the same stage again, just like before. I miss seeing the DB5K's chemistry during performing, on reality and variety shows.

Didn't even zoom these pictures when I took them. Look how close I was from the stage.

I know you guys are hungry for the pictures. Don't worry, I'll show you more afterwards :) 

Aku rasa, part yang paling bagi aku impak yang maksima adalah the part when Yunho and Changmin sang Mirotic. Memang mengalir-ngalir air mata masa tu. Why? Sebab rindu Yoochun, Jaejoong dengan Junsu. I miss seeing them teasing Junsu, I miss seeing their dorky side on stage. Masa Mirotic, macam terbayang-bayang je JYJ nyanyi their parts sekali dengan Homin. Lagi-lagi bila Changmin nyanyi the first verse yang sepatutnya Jaejoong yang nyanyi. Since tu, aku dah tak boleh tahan dah sebak. I was like, "Yang ni part Jaejoong, okay lepas ni Micky pulak, they will sing the chorus sama-sama, lepas tu Junsu masuk, Yunho and Changmin punya turn kat part yang lagi satu,". Saya begitu emosional sekali.

Lupa nak cakap, masa his solo (Honey Funny Bunny), Yunho has to act with a girl tau. I was very surprised sebab I thought the girl was Kim Tae Hee at first. Serious muka diorang sama! Biar betul kan Kim Tae Hee datang Malaysia sebab nak perform dengan TVXQ. Entahlah, I have no idea. I asked the fangirls around me either dorang rasa dia nampak macam Kim Tae Hee ke tak and they said yes, they really look alike. Persoalannya sekarang, adakah mereka hanya pelanduk dua serupa atau sebaliknya? Tak tau lah :S

I screamed my lungs out that night because I can't handle their hotness. When they performed Catch Me, I can't take my eyes off them. I wonder how on earth these guys ada energy sebanyak tu. Their performances were not disappointing at all. They gave us their best, from one song to another, sepanjang concert tu berlangsung. And they changed their clothes really quick too. Hahahaha. 

When Changmin did a love sign when he was just 'next' to me, aku dah rasa macam nak pengsan dah. He was so near, I wish I could grab him or something. Hahahahahahaha, naughty Fatin. When Yunho said 'Aku cinta padamu', I died inside because I can't breathe. When he was asked by Yunho to say something during the ending speech, the shy Changmin hesitated for a while, macam dia fikir dia nak cakap apa tau. Lepas tu he came out with, "Saya sayang awak!". OMG SO ADORABLE LAH CHANGMIN. HOW CAN HE BE ADORABLE AND HOT AND CUTE AND HANDSOME AND UNIQUE AT THE SAME TIME?

Okay Yunho, I know. I love you too.

Thank you for confessing, Changmin. Saya sayang awak jugak. 

"From now Malaysia, the history begins." - Jung Yunho

TVXQ 'Catch Me' Tour in Malaysia was definitely the best concert I've ever been to. I've been to the MOA concert where Super Junior, Miss A, B1A4 and f(x) performed but nothing can ever beat this one. 

More pictures :

Nampak tak nampak tak nampak tak yang Fatin is very bias? Banyak sangat gambar Changmin because dia banyak kali datang my side. As for Yunho pulak, dia datang sekali dua dekat my side and masa tu camera aku dah entah ke mana entah because I was too busy shouting his name.

Oh did I tell you that I had several eye contacts with both of them? At my side, I think I was the only one with an obvious fanboard tau. Plus, I stood quite dekat depan jugak, so both of them saw my fanboard, that one memang aku pasti. Daripada fanboard, jatuh ke mata. I WAS SO SPEECHLESS FOR A MOMENT, LEPAS TU BARU MENJERIT BALIK. YA ALLAH, CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I HAD SEVERAL 3 SECONDS EYE CONTACTS WITH THE BOTH OF THEM.

My lucky fanboard.

"From now Malaysia, the history begins." said Leader Yun before the concert ends. He asked us to wait for TVXQ as they would definitely come back to our country. You better keep your promise Yunho because I will wait for that day to come. I've seen them once now, I definitely want to see them again in the future. 

Jung Yunho, he's still the same guy, the same leader. He's still that polite and down to earth Jung Yunho even after years of their debut. He's still that great man who takes good care of the member(s) and the fans. He's our Leader Jung. What a great man he is.  

And thus, my fangirl diary ends here.

PS: Tasha and I talked about this all the time. We would go hyper every time we talk about these guys and we would start imagining things that are not impossible to happen. Hahahahahaha :P

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