Sunday, September 22, 2013
Just for the sake of writing

Hi. I log on to blogger and the last update was on 5/9/2013. 17 days ago. A lot has happened in 17 days; I'm doing the first semester of my degree program right now, I have to sesuaikan diri with the new place with new classmates and new coursemates dan semestinya, I celebrated my 19th birthday.

Shah Alam. My first impression when I got into the room that was assigned for us (my dearest roomate, Yusra & I) was, the room is so freaking huge. It can fits around 8 people at one time and there are only two people who will be living there for the whole semester, so that explains it. I have all the space I need at college. I love almost everything about it except for the fact that the bathroom and the toilet are not in the room and we have to share them with everyone. Haha sucks big time. I am so used to having toilets and bathrooms in our college (rumah) in Kuantan so to be perfectly honest with you, I am having a difficult time adjusting myself with the new persekitaran. Yusra and I will make sure that we go to the toilet to wash our face & do whatever we need to do in the toilet before going to bed, together because the thought of there's a serial killer or rapist in the huge 'public' bathroom scares us. 

We had some talks on the first day. Speech, speech, speech and another speech. Nothing much about it, just the do's and don'ts in the campus. Same old thing all over again. Since it was our first day in the faculty, I looked around and realize that half of us are from Kuantan. It's like Kuantan a little bit, having familiar faces around you (although you don't really know all their names) apart from seeing the unfamiliar fresh new faces that you only know their existence then. Met my classmates on the second day and 2/3 of them are from where I used to finish my foundation program. Coolness. I have no idea why but I feel secure when I am surrounded by the faces that I know rather than orang-orang yang baru dikenali. It's just the rare Fatin being antisocial.

Celebrated my birthday two days ago, at the campus. I think I had the best birthday ever this year. I feel blessed and loved. I was on the phone with a friend of mine on my birthday eve, when suddenly Shaff came into my room without knocking the door and bam!, I was pushed violently and Yusra just has to help Shaff with her plan and I don't know what happened next. All of sudden they wished me happy birthday and then we went totally hyper (because it's finally my turn to turn nineteen). Hani came into my room, without knocking the door as well (because Shaff and Hani are our third and fourth roomates so they really could come in and out of the room as they wish) and we went totally hyper and high again. Hani and Shaff gave me the birthday presents that they prepared (I have no idea when they prepared the presents because I was with them all the time) and being the dramatic me, I started to sob. Yusra then gave me my birthday present, with a cute sweet sticky note on top of the present. 

The next day, I came into the class, totally behaving like a normal person. Since I'm in the same class as Hani, she keeps on telling me that 'It's your birthday!' and she would answer thank you (I have no idea why) for me when someone wished me happy birthday. We were having a mass lecture that morning, which means that ada tiga class gabung sekali dalam satu lecture. It was 8.30 in the morning and suddenly I heard someone singing Happy Birthday. The next thing I know, everyone sang the song while looking directly at me. I sat there, feeling awkward and I really don't know how should I react because I don't even know half of them. So I thought, I should just smile and say thank you out loud and get over it which I did a few seconds after that. After class, Hakim approached me and said that he needs me to hold something for him since his bag was too heavy. I innocently nodded, agreed to help him when he suddenly took out a big wrapped 'box' from his bag. Hakim then revealed that the present was from Chris, Izzu and himself. I looked at him in disbelief, not knowing how to react. He passed me the present and then took out a card from his bag and passed it to me. I was sooooooooooo stunned and I swear I tried my best to hold my tears because I think it's quite embarrassing to cry in front of a guy. I said thank you to Hakim million times, because I really didn't see it coming at all. The next thing Hakim did was opening his bag again and took out another present. "This is from Chris," he said and told me that Chris can't be here to celebrate my birthday since he has to go to Perak for some college matters (which I already know). Again, I was shocked to see another present coming out from Hakim's bag pack and all of them who were there keep on telling me to not to cry on that very special day.

Went out with my Gang Tiang best friends yesterday. We went to SincerelybyUs boutique in Shah Alam. Arif being Arif, picked us all up. I pity him because he needs to accompany three girls pergi shopping and only Allah knows how long would that take. After 2 hours or less in the boutique, we decided to pay for what we have picked or else we would end up buying more and more which is really not good since all of us are trying to save a little bit money for our future (marriage for example, in a few years). I was telling everyone that I really want to buy this one black and white printed tudung since it's very pretty and definitely something that I would wear so Arif, Bihah and Azura told me that they will buy it for me (Hakim told me that Chris, Izzu and himself tried to look everywhere for the tudung but they can't find it anywhere near the campus so with hati yang hampa, they decided to get me something else). Haih, how can I not love these people?

I am finally nineteen now and I hope I'll be matang-er from what I am right now and hope to be a better person. InsyaAllah.

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