Monday, September 23, 2013
Third Language

Kursus Bahasa Ketiga Pilihan 1. 

One of the compulsory subject that I have to take on my very first semester. I had to choose between Japanese, Arabic, French, Mandarin and German. It was kind of a tough decision to make. At first I thought of taking Japanese since I have the basics, tapi bila fikir balik, Mandarin sounds good too.

I had this conversation with Chris the other day, regarding this topic.

Chris: Have you decided on the third language yet?
Fatin: I really have no idea. Rasa macam nak ambik Japanese since I used to learn Nihongo back then but Mandarin will kind of benefits us in the future. I really don't know. What are you planning to take? Dah fikir?
Chris: I have no idea as well. Can't decide whether to take Mandarin or Arabic. Tak tahu nak pilih dunia or akhirat. Mandarin yes, will benefit us when we're older but if I take Arabic, bahasa syurga tu. 
Fatin: *terkedu. BURN GILA BAPAK*

I didn't consider Arabic at all, that's why I felt like I was bitch slapped by Chris the moment when he said that. I know him too well, I am pretty sure that he doesn't mean it that way, as in dia nak perli aku ke apa. It was just the usual Chris being Chris. I then asked Hakim the same question and he said that he was considering Arabic and Mandarin. In the end, Hakim told me that he's taking Arabic as well. Chris and Hakim are best friends forever, I should have known better.

Half of us decided to take French since they said that it will be much easier than Mandarin since they don't have to learn the writing and all but I still stick to my decision. I hope that I made the right choice.

Had the first Mandarin class today, after not having class for 2 weeks straight. I was late for class which starts at 2.10pm, well actually I was not late (it was 2.08pm when I entered the classroom) and it was the lecturer who decided to come early. Since it was our first class and everything, she didn't really say anything about it. Pheww, lucky. Being the second last person to enter the class (Hani was the last one since I entered the classroom first, baru dia masuk) I have to sit right in front of the lecturer's nose. Depan depan menghadap lecturer because all other seats were occupied. Hani and I exchanged the "Jom redah je lah" look and then we decided to sit there walaupun depan gila rather than menyempit-nyempit dekat tempat lain.

The lecturer turned out to be a very funny person. She's a Chinese that looks a lot like a Malay. For once, I really thought that she's a Malay although she was not wearing tudung and because of her strong Bahasa Melayu pronunciation. Macam orang Melayu tulen and tak ada Chinese accent at all. If she didn't introduce herself, up till now I would still think yang she's Malay.

So this is 1/3 of what I learned in class today. We were given two textbooks. Ya Allah, the books that were given to us adalah buku-buku budak tadika yang baru nak belajar menulis. Hahahahaha the thought of writing the Chinese character one by one in the book drives me crazy. Mana tak nya, I used to help my little sister with her Mandarin homeworks when she was in kindergarten. It was kinda like a walk to memory lane thing for me.

The handwriting that never change, said my sister. 

Ibu called just now, asking how am I coping with my degree life so far (padahal semalam baru balik rumah hahaha). Told her how interested I am to be able to learn Mandarin after learning Korean and Japanese (I always have this thing for learning new languages) and she asked me to speak a little bit of Mandarin for her to listen. I was so excited to show off my 'excellent' language skills and went "Nihao ma? Wo ai ni. Ni ne? Mingbaima? Xiexie. Zaijian!". My mother laughed on the spot before saying "Ala, those words senang-senang boleh lah. Setakat wa pu ce tau, nihao, xie xie tu ibu pun boleh cakap". Alamak, I thought. Kantoi.

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