Saturday, November 22, 2014
UiTM Mock Trial IV's Appreciation Post

I still remember the day Amry approached me, asking me to be one of the scriptwriters for this year’s mock trial. I said no, refusing to his offer, knowing how big a mock trial is, to the people of the law faculty. Now, sitting on my bed in front of this laptop, I look back to the day when the four of us had our first meeting (with Hani and Khai) 6 months ago, brainstorming for ideas at this one corner in Hayaki, because at that moment, we were very very far behind schedule.

To Amry Hapiz, Geisha wouldn’t have existed without you, Mr. Director. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for guiding all of us, one by one throughout the whole process. You have been under a lot of pressure lately, and everyone knows that it’s not easy to be in your shoes. So here am I, giving you a standing ovation to what you have done for us, the mock trial family.

To Khairul Kabir and Afiq Ali (and also Amry), this post is for our countless sleepless nights; discussing, brainstorming, writing, and polishing the fictional characters that we have created. What we planned might not work 100% and we might not be as good as the previous years’ mock trial, but I believe, each of us know how hard we worked, how difficult it is to reach the benchmark.  So thank you, for staying together with me till the very end.

To the two amazing APDs, Hani Nadia and Khairul Brian, the two of you deserve a standing ovation as well. I’m not saying good things about you two because the both of you are my good friends, but I’m saying these because I saw with my own eyes how hard you guys work.

To Fiqree and Farrah E, what else can I say? The talents will not be who they were on stage, without you two. Thank you for everything you’ve done to polish the characters that we, the scriptwriters created. Hats off for you two!

To Law Society, only God knows how much each and every one of you sacrificed for the mock trial. From the lightings to technical issues, you guys did a very very VERY good job.

To Qarma Dansa, the choreographies you guys created for the show were the bomb! 

To Asyura, Kak Yan, Iman and Jeremiah, thank you for being a part of us and thank you for ‘lending’ us your melodious voice.

And last but not least, for the talents! Aramy, Azfar, Amin, Khairul Riduan, Elena, Sabrina, Aina, Qaeisya, Taty, Qeys, Che Ta, Nabil, Syero, Haris and the Adlins, all of you deserved a standing ovation as well! No words could describe how speechless I was seeing how energetic and amazing everyone was on stage.

To the Geisha’s family, I’m proud of every single one of us. 

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