Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We were going to have our Mandarin oral test that evening and all of us haven’t started revising a thing. (Banyak gila weh benda nak study, especially when it comes to bercakap dalam bahasa Mandarin.) So Nik gave us a call, telling us that she will be coming over because she can’t seem to study alone. We didn’t say yes or no because either way, she will be crashing in our place whenever she likes walaupun tak diundang. Hahaha. 

So she came, and we had our breakfast; the scrumptious nasi lemak we buy daily from the stall in front of our condominium. Masa tengah breakfast, we had this serious talk about being in a relationship and the talk lasted for hours, forgetting the fact that we should have been studying bukannya berborak pasal cinta =_=' 

Nik started to list out things that she’s looking for in a guy; tall, handsome, muscular guy with these and that kind of personality. I have my own criteria too. Well of course I have but seeing how excited dan berawang-awangan Nik was with her own kriteria-lelaki-idaman, I kept them to myself, with no intention of stopping her from talking.

I’ve always wanted a tall person as my other half. Reason being, I’m a short person myself and I don’t want my kids to suffer being the shortest person in the clique. Tahu tak betapa seksanya jadi orang yang paling pendek dalam kumpulan? No one takes you seriously because you will always be the 'adik' and everyone else akan macam kena jaga their 'adik'. Get what I mean? And of course, bila pergi event, kau akan pakai high heels untuk jadi lagi tinggi tapi best friends kau pun akan pakai high heels so kau still akan jadi paling pendek dalam clique tu. Faham tak dilema dia macam mana? 

I’ve always wanted a fair skin person as my soul mate. Reason being, I want my kids to grow to become a handsome son and a beautiful daughter. Hahahaha berangan tak sudah. Padahal warna kulit tak ada kena mengena pun. Pfft Fatin. 

I’ve always wanted a person who’s good with sports as my spouse. Reason being, I want my kids to grow to become a person with a high level of stamina, unlike me. Yang ni, betul. Aku ni sangatlah tak bersukan. I'm not a sport person. Tengok sukan je suka. Haih. Vhattodo. 

I’ve always wanted someone who is all about these and that, as my other half, listing all the criteria that are impossible to find in a normal guy. 

So back to the story, I was day dreaming, about the time when I finally meet the one, and how does he looks like. Will he be someone that I dreamt of? Or will he be the opposite?

And then I came to realize that there’s no one out there who will be having all the traits I’m looking for in a guy. Okay. Seriously, mana nak cari lelaki perfect from head to toe? Tak ada. Memang tak ada sebab semua orang ada flaws. Watak-watak lelaki idaman dalam novel tu semua tipu belaka dan memberi harapan palsu dekat semua perempuan. Serious. Maybe there’s one or perhaps two out of fifty people I met every month but here’s the thing; he will be either taken, or he is-




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