Saturday, January 03, 2015
Faith in humanity, restored.

That particular day, Hani and I panicked. The final examination was just around the corner and the both of us were freaking out like hell because we have not print out our notes yet. My goodness, after fourteen weeks of lecture, we finally realized that we have no hardcopy of the notes on the very final week. All we had were those softcopy notes in our emails which were yet to be opened. Wow, you're such a 'good' student, Fatin.

So we went to the printing shop after class, with the thought of printing every single note that was distributed by the class representatives via emails. We sat at the desk, downloading the files one by one. 

“How many copies do we need?” Hani was about to click the print button, when she asked me.

“Two. One for you and the other one is for me. So let’s just print two copies each.” I replied, ignorantly.

She hesitated for a while and looked at me without blinking. I gave her the ‘what?’ look because I sense nothing wrong in whatever I just said. She finally nodded and wrote 2 copies on the printing page, before clicking print. And she did that for another 50 sets of documents. Then we realized that we did a very stupid and unforgivable mistake. We should have just print a copy of the documents each and make a duplicate copy of the other one. That would cost much lesser than printing two copies of the thick documents! Our face was as white as ghost when we took the documents to the counter.

“Bang, kira bang.” we said in hesitation. He asked whether we printed out all the documents and we nodded. Hani and I were exchanging looks. Our palms were sweaty and we were so nervous because only God knows how thick the documents were! That abang kept on counting and he let out a huge sigh.

“Dik, yang ini je dah RM100.” he said, after counting half of the papers. Hani and I were about to cry at that moment. We were speechless and that amount to us exchanging looks.

We kept on repeating how stupid we were for not thinking before printing. In my head, I was already calculating the amount that we need to pay. The abang was halfway done counting so maybe I thought, we were required to pay a total amount RM200. There goes my pocket money for two weeks. Hani was silent too, I bet she was doing the same. Yay for a month of Maggie mee and riding bus to class just to save money on petrol and foods.

Then the abang said “Semua ni harga sebenar dia RM220 dik. Lain kali, fikir dulu sebelum print. Kan dah rugi banyak.”. I bet he saw the pale look on both of our face. We both kept quiet, realizing our mistake.

“Macam ni. Abang akan kira benda ni semua as photostate. Tapi, awak jangan bagitahu sesiapa. Okay?” he said.

I swear at that point, I feel like hugging the abang because I felt so touched and very thankful but since it’s haram, I said thank you instead. Hani and I thanked him repeatedly, again and again until he was tired of saying “It’s okay.”.  We were touched; we were so thankful and very close to crying. The fact that the abang helped us although we were strangers to each other moved us both. He could just charge us normally but he didn’t. In the end, we only paid RM20 plus for all the documents. Yup, we paid only RM20 plus for that tall sets of documents.

I hope he didn’t get caught by his boss, trying to help Hani and I. I’m pretty sure the abang is not going to read this, but I want people to know that he is one of the reasons why I still have faith in humanity in this cruel evil world. I hope and pray for Allah to bless and protect him whenever and wherever he goes.

I hope Allah ease everything for you, abang. Thank you, for the hundredth time.



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