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ALSA (Asian Law Students' Association) caught my attention from the very beginning.

On our first day in law school, we were briefed about clubs-clubs yang ada dalam fakulti. You know, normal stuffs. Memang nampak sangat aku ni budak first year yang baru masuk universiti yang clueless, yang tak tahu apa-apa masa tu. I really thought that we should sign up untuk at least satu club and that was the reason why aku dok pay attention gila-gila dekat the seniors who were briefing us about the internal clubs walaupun orang lain semua bising gila macam nak tak nak dengar je. Well, I don't blame them though. The first day was crazy. Nonstop taklimat from 8.30 am sampai 6.00 pm, siapa larat nak dengar?

ALSA National Conference 2014 in UUM, Kedah.

Then, I signed up for ALSA. Reason being, I like the way the ALSA seniors promoted their club to us, macam very welcoming, macam sangat-sangat menggalakkan students baru untuk join. I like the seniors too. Diorang semua macam cantik and handsome semacam and each of them are charismatic, in their own unique way. Get what I mean? Eh jangan take it the wrong way please. Hahahaha.

I've always known yang I'm going to like ALSA but when I first joined, I had no idea yang I'm going to love ALSA as much as I love the club, right now. ALSA changes my life. 180 darjah. 

I was officially a member in September 2013 tapi I was elected as one of the High Committees of the new board of ALSA on May 2014, bila the previous board step down. May 2014. Kalau ada sesiapa yang rajin, please do the math. I was still in my first year, and I got elected as the Vice President of an internal club dekat fakulti. Can things get any crazier than this?

1/4 of the High Committees of ALSA UiTM in Thomas Philip, witnessing the execution of Memorandum of Understanding between Thomas Philip and ALSA International.

On August 2014, I received a phone call from Sarah, the former President of ALSA dekat our faculty. She said she was going to resign, for a few solid reasons. I freaked out like hell speaking to her on the phone. Totally. I was begging, memang merayu habis sampai menangis-nangis dalam telefon asking her not to resign. The only reason I accepted to be the Vice President was because Sarah was the President and I work well with her and the thought that she's going to be there for me, to guide me with my jobscope for the whole term buat aku sure that everything's going to be fine for the whole year. 

Honestly speaking, the President post is too much for me and I don't think I'm ready for the post. I have no idea how Sarah did it, she persuaded me entah macam mana cakap psycho pyscho sampai at last I said yes. Trust me, you don't know how terrified I was when I first accepted the post. I felt completely alone, although Sarah promised to stay by my side no matter what. Weh, betul lah, it's a whole different world kot. When you're the VP, you can suarakan pendapat and your President will buat keputusan on what to do and what to not do tapi the thought of 'right now, I'm the President so I have to make important decisions and I suck at making decisions' memang merobek-robekkan secebis self confidence yang aku ada. I can't even decide what to have for dinner, apatah lagi nak buat keputusan untuk club. 

The previous board members were being very supportive about my new post, as well as the new committee. I really owe them, big time. They are all so supportive, so positive, very responsible. They turn me into who I am today. They make me much stronger than I used to be. They are with me masa kitaorang dok happy happy sebab tak ada masalah and they are still with me, masa-masa krisis bila masalah satu per satu datang dekat kitaorang. When our proposals were rejected and kitaorang tak boleh nak buat program, the members used their own pocket money to make the programme happen. Everyone feels responsible towards the club, everyone loves the club, everyone loves each other. 

Not just that, ALSA connects people. Aku dulu hanyalah seorang pelajar yang tidak kenal sesiapa di luar fakulti but now, I've made quite a number of friends outside UiTM. And they are a bunch of cool kids. Dah bro bro dah sorang-sorang. Hahahaha. I even asked Thomas, a friend of mine yang aku kenal through ALSA to check my Mandarin assignment for me. Dia pun dengan penuh dedikasinya lah check assignment bahasa Mandarin aku yang confirm confirm banyak grammar errors here and there tu. Hahaha.

Jered, the President of ALSA INTI and Thomas, the President of ALSA HELP

ALSA may look like an ordinary club on the outside, but it definitely is not a biasa-biasa club. In ALSA, I feel like I belong here. I feel like it was destiny for me to masuk law school lepas tu join ALSA. Hahahahahaha over la kau Fatin. 

Gatsby night!

The perks of having banyak perempuan dalam kelab. We take pictures no matter where we go.

You know what's the best part of being in ALSA selain apa yang aku list dekat atas? Because your best friend is the Vice President of ALSA UM and she's the first person you will look for setiap kali kau pergi ALSA punya program. Oh and by the way, this picture was taken pada kali pertama Cik Fatin dan Cik Azura menyertai program ALSA iaitu program diskusi untuk National Harmony Bill sebagai kawan baik dan juga sebagai representative untuk universiti masing-masing.



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