Saturday, October 31, 2015
Different race? No problem.

I think it is very important to have friends from a different race. Rapat or tak rapat is not exactly the point, tapi I think we all need to have at least a friend from bangsa yang tak sama dengan kita. 

I was raised in a multiracial community. Yes, I used to live in an all-Malay neighbourhood but sampai sekarang, when I think about it again, I am thankful to my parents for sending me to Seri Bintang Utara (SBU). In SBU I made friends from many races; some were good, some were bad and some of them are still very close in contact with me until today. 

This is a picture of Chung, Yusra and I, which was taken recently.

A month after I received my SPM result, I got an offer from UiTM to do the foundation program with them. After considering the pros and cons, I decided to go although I have to spend a year in Kuantan before moving to Shah Alam for my degree. 

Honestly speaking, I was a bit confused when I first entered my university. Aku tak biasa tengok satu race yang sama je dekat here and there. It was weird, but I learned to deal with it because I need to fit in. 

Lepas tu masuk degree, and I decided to join ALSA. In ALSA I made many new friends, from semua jenis bangsa. Melayu ada, Chinese ada, Indian ada, Melanau ada, Iban ada, Kadazan pun ada. I even have a Melayu-Brunei friend and an Indian friend from Mauritius!  

Chung and I met a year ago in UUM when we were attending the annual ALSA event, the National Conference. We were placed in the same group during the event. Memang dah nama pun event tiga hari dua malam, there were many activities yang memang melibatkan group. Chung, Yusra and I 'cliqued' right away when we met. He saw me passing my name card dekat his friend, and he was sad sebab I didn't give my name card dekat dia. When he saw my name card, he was speechless because he didn't expect me to be the President of my Local Chapter! He kept on asking why I didn't tell him about my post sooner. Hahaha comel je Chung. 

I'm the type of person who gets excited sebab little things tau, so I get really excited when I received a Selamat-Hari-Raya, selamat-berbuka-puasa, selamat-berpuasa, Selamat-Hari-Raya-Haji texts from my non-Malay friends. Lepas tu at the same time, semua mintak ketupat, lemang, rendang sebab they said diorang tak tahu dekat mana lagi nak makan ketupat and rendang. Hahaha over!

Received a text from Chung yesterday. He's currently attending the National Conference hosted by ALSA Taylor's, as the Vice President of ALSA INTI. 

"Fatin, Happy 1 year Anniversary of knowing each other. Wish you were here with the delegates from your uni. Lets makan soon okay?"



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