Monday, November 02, 2015
Say YES: Hijab Fashion Style

Lately, we can see a growing community of Muslimah fashion bloggers in Malaysia which has totally changed the idea of 'how to infuse the urban lifestyle into the core of what it means to be a modern Muslimah'. The media is used widely to potray Muslimah, as shrouded in pitch black robes; covered from head to toe to feed the stigma that modern lifestile, fashion and religion itself cannot be mixed. However so, the Muslimah fashion blogs had proven the public wrong by showing that everyone can be fashionable; covered or not. 

There are maaaaaaaaaaaany ways to be fashionable, without having to cross the sensitive line, even with our hijab on. One of the ways to be fashionable is just by logging on to Youtube. What for? Tudung tutorials! There are many simple and workable tutorial videos for the latest hijab fashion style. You can also look for beauty tips online which does not cost much either! Not just that, you can also look out for the hijab and fashion tips given by your favourite bloggers /slash/ celebrities! *cough* Vivy Yusof is forever my favourite. *cough*

Not a fan of accessories! Being as simple as possible has always been 'my thing'.


1. The most important part of all is to know your own style of appearance. Once you understand your own style, you can start improvising your style here and there. Necklace? Bracelet? Bring it on!

2. Dress to express your taste. Charm the crowd with the long maxi dress paired with the right hijab for an effortlessly trendy look. 

3. Get yourself updated with the current Muslimah fashion trend to keep your wardrobe with freshest outfits. *cough* Hijabista magazine *cough* But sometimes, all you need to do is mix and match your new outfit with your old outfit. That works for me all the time!

4. And last but not least, try to stay away from too many colours! Excessive colour blocking is a MAJOR no-no. If your dress has two colours, it is best to match it with a headscarf that has a matching colour to your outfit. 

Well, that's quite simple isn't it? Now, siapa yang berani cakap it's hard to be fashionable because of our headscarf? Belasah karang baru tau.



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