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Broga for dummies

My housemates came out with the idea to climb Broga as a 'housemates activity'. As a very unfit person, I was opposed to the idea. Come on, nak panjat tangga faculty sampai tingkat empat pun aku dah mengah macam apa, ini pulak nak panjat Broga? My beloved housemates, people, they knew yang I was trying my very best to avoid the trip. The only way for me to excuse myself is by coming out with some valid reasons to convince these people to go ahead with the plan without me. I then came out with 1001 excuses on why I shouldn't join them dalam ekspedisi kali ini.

Excuse number one: 
I have no sport shoes, so I cannot go. Takkan la nak panjat Broga with Flipper pulak kan? (Of course I was just mencari alasan. I actually have my own sport shoes at home tapi the sport shoes penuh dengan dust! Nampak sangat tak pernah guna) Fareeda told me that she can lend me hers. She has a few sport shoes jadi dia dengan senang hatinya boleh memberi Fatin Hanani meminjam salah satu kasut sukannya. No sport shoes excuse, fail. 

Excuse number two: 
I have no sports attire (I purposely left all my tracksuits in KL), I can't go to Broga. Takkan la nak panjat the bukit with jeans? Tak logic at all. How did my housemates tackled this problem of mine? Diorang buat the Broga trip a few days after the final examination ends so that I will have the opportunity to go back to KL to ambik the sports attire that I purposely left behind. Bijak betul diorang ni. This excuse also fail. 

Excuse number three: 
I'm mentally and physically unfit for outdoor activities. Excuse me, this is actually one legit excuse okay. To tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of outdoor activities. Most of the time (read, all the time), I prefer staying in my room reading books, playing with my phone and simply doing nothing lebih daripada keluar memanjat sana, memanjat sini. To add on that, my stamina is zero. Kosong k stamina aku. Literally kosong, I'm not even kidding. The housemates told me that they will never leave me behind during the hiking no matter how slow I am. Never ever. One for all, all for one katanya. Lepas tu diorang kata "Panjat Mount Bromo dekat Indonesia boleh, takkan panjat Broga tak boleh?". Aku hanya mampu mengeluh sebab alasan ni pun tak jalan. 

Before I even have the chance to come out with another excuse, the five of them gave me the omg-you're-such-a-drama-queen look. Realizing that I won't be able to get away from this trip, I had no other choice but to say yes. You guys should really see the expression on everyone's face when I finally agreed to join them. They were like finally-Fatin-finally-thank-God-takyah-pujuk-dah. Masing-masing happy sebab tak payah nak melayan dramatic aku lagi. Hahaha. 

We woke up at 4 in the morning that day and left Shah Alam around 5am. On our way there, we stopped by 7 Eleven to buy some breads untuk alas perut. Reached Broga around 6.20am. We thought we were the first to arrive, tapi tengok-tengok ramai yang datang lagi awal. It was really dark, totally pitch-black, dan kaki bukit tu penuh dengan pokok-pokok that looks like kelapa sawit (forgive me if I'm wrong but I am 85% sure yang tu memang kelapa sawit). I started to get this eerie feeling, macam tiba-tiba je akan ada zombie yang came out of nowhere yang akan kejar from depan, belakang, kiri, kanan. Haha typical Fatin yang selalu overthink. 

All of us then took out our torchlight and started to warm up. Warming up penting gila ok, a friend of mine forgot to warm up sebelum mula panjat Broga and her body was sore all over for almost a week. Dan selepas itu mulalah aktiviti memanjat kami.  


I'm not going to lie, climbing Broga was super exhausting for me. I stopped a few times to catch my breath, to rehat for a while. I swear to God I was so slow, very very very slow. All my other housemates are very fit so Broga was practically nothing for them and I feel kind of bad because they need to follow my pace instead of the other way around. I insisted for them to go ahead first and leave me behind since sooner or later I will sampai jugak dekat the top point of Broga. Takkan la nak give up tengah-tengah jalan and turun balik pulak kan? They refused to go first and insisted on waiting for me. Masa ni serious rasa macam nak menangis sebab terharu. Throughout the climb, everyone was feeding me the encouragement words that I needed to hear. They were all like "Sikit je lagi Fatin. Sikit je lagi. You cannot give up now. The view up there is going to be worth it, trust me.". The phrase 'sikit je lagi' really helped to boost my energy balik, to be honest. I knew we still have a very long way to go and I knew they were lying when they said we're almost at the peak of the hill tapi that kind of word helped me a lot. Jadi, kalau korang ada kawan-kawan yang tak fit, tolonglah bagi encouragement yang macam tu ya, kawan-kawan sekalian. 

Reached the peak of Broga around 7.20am. The view, Subhanallah! The view was beautiful, so breathtaking, very magnificent. Betul la what they said, the climb is going to be a little bit tiring tapi when you reach the peak of Broga, macam hilang sikit semua penat tu. Ditambah pula dengan berapa puluh ribu gambar yang kitaorang ambik dekat atas bukit tu, bertambah-tambah hilang la rasa penat.

Housemates goals sangat panjat Broga sama-sama. Hahahaha. 

Climbing Broga was tiring, nak turun Broga was another thing. The bukit was so freaking curam and dangerous and slippery sampai all of us have to slide untuk turun. Literally slide macam main gelongsor tu. Kiri kanan gaung, so memang kena berhati-hati. Masa nak turun, I accidentally slipped lepas tu kaki terseret sikit dekat batu. Those rocks were super tajam I tell you. Because of that, bahagian kanan bawah tepi seluar aku koyak sikit. Nasib baik koyak dekat bahagian tepi, kalau dekat bahagian tengah yang obvious, tak tahu nak cakap apa. 

For me, perjalanan nak turun Broga, 2 kali ganda lagi mencabar daripada nak naik. Masa nampak sign "See you again" dekat kaki bukit tu, I was really relieved kerana Bukit Broga sudah berjaya ku tawan! Hahahaha it's a big thing okay, untuk aku yang tak ada stamina langsung ni.  

So, for you unfit people yang teringin nak panjat Broga, 
here are some tips for you guys:

1) Breakfast before you panjat sebab you need energy untuk meneruskan perjalanan.
2) Bawa torchlight! I know some of you might want to use your phone punya flashlight je tapi it's better to bawak your own torchlight sebab lampu flashlight tak cukup terang dalam keadaan gelap gelita tu. There were six of us and almost everyone bawak torchlight, itu pun still gelap lagi. 
3) Bawa air mineral botol besar yang 1 liter tu. Nanti dekat atas tu kalau dehydrated, susah pulak. 
4) Warm up before naik! 
5) Don't push yourself too hard. Take a break whenever you feel macam tak larat dah nak panjat. 
6) Pergi Broga dengan your close friends, so that diorang tak annoyed setiap kali you complain penat & tak larat dan sanggup tunggu you walaupun you bergerak lambat macam siput sedut.
7) Take a lot of pictures for your own satisfaction once you're up there. We did it guys, we did it. 
8) Jangan lupa cool down. I forgot to cool down when I went to Broga. Sampai kaki bukit terus masuk kereta sebab tak tahan penat, lepas tu kena tahan muscle pain for 2 days. Seksa bila nak rukuk and sujud dalam solat. Seksa!

Good luck!



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